For The Love Of The Books

This is not an act of promotion but I am a Steinbeckian, a TIME fan, a Reader’s Digest lover, an The Economist enthusiast. I often look up National Geographic to enjoy its amazing pictures and essays. In terms of novels publishers, I collect lots of books by Penguin. I like other publishers like Wordsworth and Barnes and Nobles. Anyway….

I really love books. Never thought I love them so much these past few years. During my school years, I liked reading but only materials that supported my education. But lately, I digest easy writings, politic, economy, features. Any writings with good way of telling will absolutely steal my heart away.

In Jakarta, my most favorite spot is Kinokuniya bookstore of Plaza Senayan. The bookstore is the only place I dare to step in amidst luxurious chain stores at the high class shopping center. The city has several famous bookstores like Gramedia, Periplus and Aksara. But Kinokuniya is such amazing place for me because it provides a very wide range of imported books choices. Rarely I read local novels so I seldom buy books at Gramedia or Toko Buku Gunung Agung.

Do not know when it was all began but guess I am turning into a book addict. At least once a month, I visit Kinokuniya. First thing that I do is going to the classic bookshelves and see if the Japan-owned bookstore adds its novel collection by John Steinbeck or not. Next to the Steinbeck part is Virginia Woolf’s books, gay Irish writer Oscar Wilde then Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

The two must-see part is the one with magazines, newspaper and tabloid. Of course, the first one I will grab is Reader’s Digest. Then TIME. I quickly run to an empty chair heading to a wall displaying biography books. There, I chuckle while reading Reader’s Digest’s best jokes. Or else, I smile after reading with the tabloid’s touching feature stories. I find peace, confidence, positive feeling after I spend some time at the place.

Compared to other bookstore, Kinokuniya is I think the most expensive one. It rarely offers discount, unfortunately. But I keep on coming and spending lots of money there. If I really want certain books, I will surely buy them without waiting for discount time to come. I dislike going to book bazaar because I know I wont find my favorite books there. I will not buy books at the bazaar although they are cheap. Simply to put, I will not spend time and money for chasing after books which I know I dislike and wont bother myself to read.

Lately, I find it quite hard to stop buying books. I used to love hunting for clothes or trousers but books come first now. I may regret for spending some time at the malls without getting goods that I need or want. But I will still be very happy to be just at the bookstore without having the novels that I search for. Guess bookstore is the place where I can waste qualified time.

I have a dream that one day I will open a book rental or even bookstore. I plan to include a small cafe selling affordable snacks and drinks. There will be a room for discussion. Anything would-be visitors want to talk about. I imagine a new community will be borne. A group of crazy poets perhaps. And if I rich enough, I will build a library for children. Of course, it will be for free of charges. I dislike comic but I will provide kids with comics and other caricature books. And definitely, domestic folklores and hero stories will be at display. Oh my …

Happy dreaming Eny. Happy creating little heaven on earth…


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