Mind Investment – Original Idea from Dian Kuswandini

I am the head of a small group of people. Right now, I have only two journalists to cover such a wide range of economy news. I am expecting to have at least three more reporters to submit more news thus I will no longer take information from national news wire ANTARA.

I am looking forward to have experienced ones. If I have them, I will not allocate specific time to teach them how to cover economy news. I will not be involved in a kind of emotional engagement should they digest facts so slowly then write them down into talking news. Also, I will not have to show them how to read numbers and statistic then make them into a good piece of information. Dealing with such things are so tiring!

I remember one night I could not sleep after I read three stories from the two journalists. Both of them wrote stories on trade, export and import. What made me being restless that night was that I found lots of missing numbers, percentages and other stuff. The reporters did not connect all of the dots. Their news did not speak well for those wanted to read them. I managed myself to sleep but woke up feeling so tired. I was thinking how I could mend such stories. But the most important thing was I must find ways to teach them slowly but surely thus all my explanation will get stuck in their heads forever.

So, I asked for them to get back to the office earlier. With lots of efforts, I taught them how to translate those numbers into news. I told them what was missing in their stories. For some consecutive days, I was trying to be a mentor. I briefed them how economy was different from politic, legal affairs and national news. What economy news worth reading is so much different with national news.

During such times of the so-called mentoring, I now could fully comprehend how hard it is to be a teacher. Its not a matter of teaching how to deal with words by words but transferring many basic concepts. In this regard, I did my best to tell them how to be a reporter for economy. This includes skills of asking for questions and sorting all information then sewing them all into a nice piece of economy news.

I strongly emphazised that I did not want to receive talking news without measurable components. I repeatedly said economy news without numbers were (almost) non sense.

All those hard days are fruitful. I can count on them for some essential news. At first, they submitted only one or two stories per day but now up to four to five writings daily. They still have problems with their writings but they gradually lessen their mistakes. What makes me happy is that they are learning from their past errors and building strong basis for economy reportage. Thats all that I need rite now. All is worth it! Thank you God.

If my two journalists were asked for rotation, I would say no for now. I dont want to spend my energy for teaching new people at the moment. I know it will worth it at the end but not rite now because I have more works to do day by day.

Mind investment is a very hard phase. I think this is such an essential process to make our employees be good assets. By teaching them to be productive worker, companies will earn countless benefits. I believe the most obvious one is not wasting too much time for teaching. All workers will do their jobs efficiently hence they will not miss their deadlines.

It is inevitable that employees may come in and go out of certain factories. And of course, they have rights to do so. But companies should do whatsoever means to make their employees especially the best ones to stay. Otherwise, I think companies will suffer great losses if their employees choose to resign because they already invest so much. Those companies lose their assets, the precious ones. Even if the ones they lose are not as bright as others.

Companies may receive new people even those who have experiences. But companies will take long time to shape those new people into what the companies want. Companies have to stop treating employees as slaves by giving too much work thus neglecting basic rghts like equal salaries and enough time to rest. They have to accept the fact they need good employees so bad and vice versa.


One thought on “Mind Investment – Original Idea from Dian Kuswandini

  1. hihiii eny, finally u wrote this, and it reminded me to write my own version of this issue 🙂
    unfortunately, i have no time lately for blogging huhuhuh… but i miss writing something, though :p
    ok so then, talk to you later, and keep fighting for our basic rights
    *halah* hahahaa….
    hanya orang yg berani melawan ketidakadilan yg bisa menjalani hidupnya tanpa kepura-puraan…and thank God we’re one of that kind of people *welehwelehdian* hahahaa

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