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If there are words serve as deadly traps, they must be “Be careful with what I wish for”. Once I promise to my friend I will never write anything personal in this blog. But I break it now…

So, once in the so many mornings of my life, I am in the very hectic crucial moment in my career. Long hour drive plus heavy rain put me at a very stressful chance in my whole life. I am rushing for a psychological test to get my dream job. That day is the third test I have to take… and I am late.

My hair, clothes, and of course my trousers are wet but I dont care. Since all seats at the front row are already filled I have no other choice other than moving at the back line and there you go… after very quick glances at some empty seats and those who are already present, I eventually take one empty chair at the second or three last row. While the female psychology constructor is giving instructions of the test I take chances to look around the test room then I realize I am sitting only two chairs at the left side of not-my-very-type-of-guy. O… how I dislike his slanty eyes. I just dont know how those small eye balls lure me to sit next to him. But yeah, I sit there. A feeling of competition arises within me. I blame those small eye balls for putting at a nonsense ill feeling. Believe it or not, once I know we are contesting to be accepted at the same company, I sometimes steal some moments to look at his test sheet. There comes at a part of the test when we have to fill up columns with number. I am no good at numbers so this examination is a bit hard for me. Everything is okay with the part of the test. I fill the columns with correct number (I believe) but not quickly. I cunningly take a brief a look at his sheet and is shocked! Shit! How come he can fill those columns so damn fast!

Then, I am racing against the limited time to finish the remaining columns. And done! But he does more columns that I do.

Few days pass. No traffic jam and rain block my way to take the fourth test. In fact, I come too early for the fourth test that is interview. And again… I meet him. We share few glances at each other but thats it. He is back with his cellphone while I am busy looking around the future office. A woman emerges. Another candidate, I guess. They have a chat then the man goes upstair for the interview. It doesnt take a long time then he goes downstairs again to join me and the woman for a brief conversation. After the woman has her turn for the interview I bravely ask for hints on what kinds of questions users already ask him at the upstair room. Its a surprise to know he speaks so calmly. Soon, all my anxiety is gone. And I pass the interview.

The fifth test. Im late (again). I and my relative are bit confused to find ways to the hospital where which I will take medical test as the last one. So I rush to the administrative room. Few moments after I start to complete personal health info, I see that face again. I want to smile at him but he seems so busy with the administrative form. Even when he sits next to me I do not dare to say hi.

I move to the X-ray room without saying anything to him. After I undergo the test and is about to leave the room he smiles at me first and opens for a conversation. There, we shake hands for the first time and mention each other’s name. We talk, laugh, talk then laugh again. Its such a cool day to spend the entire medical test with him. We share stories about our campus, previous job experiences, and even graduating papers. Since I am new at the city, I ask him on some parts of the capital.

Since then, we become good friends and remain to where we are until now. What used to be ridiculous inner rivalry turns out to be an admiration. His broad knowledge mesmerizes me. His crunchy sense of humour is a perfect exile after going through a hard day. But indeed, his slanty eyes leave irreplaceble trace in my heart. Till now…


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