Finding A Bliss

After months of undecided action, I bravely took few efforts to eventually buy a book shelf then call a taxi man to bring it up at my room. It now stands inside my small room, almost fully occupied with books, magazines, and journals. An array of my favorite novels welcome my feet each time I enter the room. Before I close my eyes, I look at them, wishing I am able to say thank you to them for providing me a bunch nutritious meal for my mind and soul.

Yes, I must say I already form my own mini artificial heaven. Quoting Arundhati Roy’s famous book, they are “the God of small things”.

Books are priceless treasures. I spend a lot of money to buy them but I never bother myself to count how much I sacrifice to buy such kind of happiness. A fine or even great work of art is, in my opinion, a wealth of knowledge, civilization trace, living proof of culture. It’s similar with girls or women who keep their clothes collection inside their respective cupboards, or men who put their favorite CDs at certain shape of self.

Who ever thinks that I will fall in love with novels and magazines on, as what my teachers used to say as, non exact knowledge these past nine years? Little did I know language will bring me to where I am at now. I used to underestimate the power of social knowledge once I sit at school seat although I know I can not resist curiosity it provides. Through years at school, almost teachers inspire me to seek for natural science classes for bright futures. Almost all of my smart classmates are known for their excellence in biology, math, chemistry, physics. I hardly know if there is one of them who is praised for their understanding on history, sociology, let alone language.

I still remember I am depressed knowing I am failed to enter exact class during my last grade at the senior high school. My math score is so poor. I find it hard to answer my friends’ questions each time they ask how I can be that bad in natural science. I can only smile, almost believe to accept the fact that I am indeed a stupid pupil.

Deep in my heart, however, I am happy. My last year at the senior high school will be filled with lessons I am always very curious to know. That is the time when which I know I am going to seek a major in English language.

The war against conservative stereotype in the society is yet to over by the time I enroll Gadjah Mada University. Even at the one of the most reputable universities in the country, I keep seeing education system at this high level segragates knowledge, both in natural and social knowledge. Economics, undoubtedly, is the darling of the social science. At least it is proven from the luxurious building soars high amidst modest ones stand around them at the university. I also notice similar grouping happens at natural knowledge. Medical faculty remains the best in terms of offices, equipment. And of course, money.

Dont know when it is all began but I regret the sistematic classification on knowledge. Each major can not stand alone. Equal treatment is needed to make all majors remain beneficial for humans’ lives. I pity some majors that are reportedly struggling to survive due to lack of applicants. I am also deeply concerned with those who are forced to bury deep their dreams to be whatever they want to be then prefer to seek what society wants to see them in the future. And even if they have ‘exact’ position and handsome amount of salary, they regret for giving up their nonsense yet enjoyable jobs; the ones they believe will provide them with a bliss.


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