The Destination

Feels walking adriftly in an ocean

Aimlessly searching for hopes of future

Over and over I try to run away

But I cant deny my destination is you

I keep on asking

Is there any time? More time left at the table?

But the time is coming, nearer and nearer

I am racing against it

Panting, I see some paths

Too tempting to resist

But I am instead cheated by my own feeling

Knocking for some doors that are already broken

O, man…

Does it feel like this? Always be this way?

How are you then at there?

Dont you know you remain so beautiful

Have you ever thought how amazing you are

Your words are still echoing

Deep in each corner of my heart

Your smile can make my day

During dark days ahead of my life

You remain a swinging candle

Keep on lighting my journey

Thats why… I am coming to you

Hopefully, we’ll meet one day…


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