Yes, I am A GLEEK!

Glee cast

It is started out with an hesitation when my friend tells me about teenage TV series Glee. But since I am in a dire need of entertainment to kill time during my jobless period, I borrow Glee from her.

Once I watch, I can not stop staring at my laptop. I remember I stay awake until the middle of the night just to finish watching all DVDs my friend lends me. I am surprised to know that some of the series songs are actually my favorites. Yes! I sometimes hear “Dont Stop Believing” dan “Faithfully” at the radio. I am moved by the singers but I dont know the titles let alone the singers of the songs. But then I watch the series I eventually find out that I have a newcomer singer fave namely Lea Michelle, the female leading role at the series.

So, what makes me falling so deep with this TV show? Borrowing a tagline from French-based newswire AFP, Glee, for me, is a world of difference. Glee is a group of unpretty people, Asian students, gays, lesbians, Jewish, disabled boy, pregnant cheerleader, football captain, even a loser. They are united by one language = music.

The message of the series is so clear to catch at. Glee members strive to be stars amidst their imperfections.

Most talented member, Rachel Berry, is not beautiful. She’s tall with big noses. She has the most amazing voice among her peers but very annoying. She is too hungry for fame thus she finds it hard to let others to take center stages.

Finn, a boyish student, handsome, popular, and definitely has great voice. He is the unbeatable tandem for Rachel. But Finn is a wishy-washy person, being sometimes unable to face the world of his own when he has a new gay stepbrother. I think he is an undecided lover: Rachel or Quinn?

Quinn: the most beautiful cast at the series. Slim, ladylike, and fashionable person. I like her unique voice. What lacks from her is I dont think she really loves Finn wholeheartedly. She is always on to something for dating Finn. Also, she is sometimes mean to Rachel.

William= the handsome Glee teacher. Warm, larger-than-life guy, smart, of course. But he is sometimes too old-fashioned, undecided. In an episode called “Blame it to the Alcohol” , he gives a bad example.

Sue= wicked teacher ever, oftentimes. Abusive, bossy, and God-like. But sometimes she can give valuable lessons for Glee members and Will. She is a good adviser though.

Mercedes= sweetest, happily single Glee member. Her voice is like a diva. She is the strongest rival for Rachel. But compared to Rachel, Mercedes is not yet ready to be the real queen.

Kurt = the most powerful, sensitive character. He battles so hard to live as a gay. I regard him as the most serious person at the series, dont know why. His words sometimes hurt so much. Ouch!

Despite the perfect characterization, I think, Glee contains some flaws. One of the thing I dislike about the show, and other typical teenage drama in the U.S, is that almost all characters are involved in love triangle, quadraple, whatever! For instance, in Glee, Rachel falls so deep with Finn but she cant resist tempation from Puck, the bad boy of the show. Then, Finn is in love with Rachel and Quinn but makes out with Santana, the mean-honest cast of the show. In fact, all these characters are in one group. So, its like everybody has crush on almost everyone. Cant the director find other girls or boys from other schools to be Glee members’ couples?

In Glee Season 1, I am stunned on how its cast can perform all songs and arrange them in ways that make me fall in love with songs I hardly know before. Honestly, I dont like Madonna and Lady Gaga. But once I listen to new version of “Like A Prayer”, “Bad Romance”, and “Poker Face”, I confess I start to like both great singers. But still, it is Glee cast versions that I long forward to listen to. At least, I begin to admire Madonna dan Lady Gaga. I admit as well that I dislike Rihanna’s voice. I do like her songs but I cant stand listening to them for long. For instance, “Take A Bow”. I like it so much but can only listen to it for days coz I dislike Rihanna’s heavy voice, I guess ( its a matter of taste only). But when Rachel sings it, I love the song again. And it lasts until now coz I do really love Rachel’s voice.

In Season 2, somehow there are songs which are unable to find their own souls through their voices. Glee casts fail to compete with original singers of songs, such as Katy Perry in “Fireworks”, “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, and “Baby” by Justin Beiber. Glee members cant present their songs with their own styles, like in Season 1. Such kind of songs are already strongly attached with their singers, after all.

Not all of Glee members have good voices,. The truest singers are Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, and Kurt. Puck, Quinn, Artie, and the teacher have good voices but I consider them as okay. Santana, Britney, and othet casts may not have nice voices as others but they are great dancers. Indeed!

I admit that I feel bored with the plot of the story or feel dissapointed with Finn-Rachel relationship sometimes. The theme is actually not so much different with another school drama, like my old favorite Dawson’s Creek. But in the midst of the boredom, at least I can sing, shake my body, and definitely laugh. Guess that what makes a difference. I cant wait to watch the remaining episodes of Season 2 then Season 3, too!


2 thoughts on “Yes, I am A GLEEK!

  1. I’m still waiting for one type of character to come along in Glee: a Muslim 🙂
    It would be interesting to see a Muslim (Turkish or just any Muslim) to be part of the “already colorful tv series, as it could promote peace among differences 🙂

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