Real Love at The First Songs


If you could turn back time, do you have any wishes to change things that you dislike when you are a teen?

If I could, I want to be a bit naughty. I am so serious that I spend most of my teenage period by studying and reading. I am such a spirited soul when I am at the elementary school but turn out to be such a shy person when I am at the junior high school. The reason is I am accepted at a reputable junior high school where good students from all around Karanganyar start their big dreams from here. I have wonderful classmates and smart teachers. Every student race for good marks and be number one in the class. And since I am not as bright as others, I have to study hard. So hard that I can not recall if I enjoy study and memorize lessons or not.

In between that difficult time to learn, I happen to undergo an unexpected moment that pauses my serious life. I hardly can remember exactly how all of this occurs but sweet melody coming from two songs — Sometimes and I Want It That Way — changes a bit the way I enjoy my teenage time. I do not know yet who sing those songs let alone find out what the hell they talk about. All I know is that they are wonderful piece of music that are able to open up an unlikely chapter of my boring life. Later, I find out they are performed by Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. After listening for the first time, I always try to find the songs at the radio. I have a small radio. I’d like to call it as the opener of the outside world. It is and remains my everlasting entertainment device. Long before I know teen magazines like Kawanku and Gadis, radio is the medium through which I learn a bunch of wonderful Western songs. After Britney and Backstreet Boys, I learn to know Celine Dion and Westlife. I am amazed by Celine’s beautiful voice through Because You Loved Me and the first song that drives me so crazy about Westlife is Swear It Again.

I have known English language long before I listen to those songs. Somehow, they introduce me to another awesome way to not just learn but also be madly in love with what I study. Since then, I always tune in to the radio even in the morning before I go the school. I already forget the name of my favorite show but it is aired 5:30 a.m for those who want to throw birthday wishes for their beloved ones. During my hectic preparation to go to school, I always set aside time to catch up new songs from the show.

I let my curiosity about Western songs to go wildly. It happens one night when I find a show in the ASRI radio, a local station in Sragen, that dictates listeners about the lyrics of the songs. Yes, thats true! The broadcaster read and sometimes spell the lyrics (in Bahasa Indonesia) of the songs which are popular at that time. From the show, I collect some lyrics of my favorite songs, mostly are from boybands. I put them all in some books. I read and try to absord them, literally.

Such pleasant hobby goes on when I am the senior high school. My friends sometimes go for me if they want to know the lyrics of their favorite songs. Then I lend my music books *big grin*.

Strangely, my likeneliness in compiling and admiring Western songs do not help me much to get great grades. My score for English language is good but I wish I can get more than that. Probably, I am bored with how my English teachers present such wonderful subject in front of the class. They bring us at the very outside level of the many delicacies we could have found. Here, I refer to grammar, main idea of the passage, etc. They never bother how to sharpen students’ skill in speaking let alone writing. Supposedly, they use music or movies to introduce English, I believe students will have so much fun in digesting the subject. But since my teachers know only skin deep about the subject, no wonder if my friends may consider it as a difficult alien subject. While for me, I wish my teachers provide more ways to get good marks other than dealing with grammar and technical reading skills. Wish they put my speaking and writing skills, I could learn how much my silly music hobby is beneficial for my academic grade.

Western songs do contribute insignificantly for my academic mark but they give more things that I want. At the second grade of senior high school, my English teacher gives us a writing assignment on our dream city in the world. Each of us is asked to write as much as we can and read it in front of the class. I love Greece for its old history. I keen on visiting Italy as it is the homebase of my fave football club. But surprisingly I choose the United States. I say I want to study at the Harvard University (LOL) despite the fact I just know the university from my fave TV show Ally McBeal. Miraculously, I can write a quite long story about why I am interested to be in the U. S someday. I feel so happy when I read it in front of the class. That is the only assignment that makes me more powerful than my peers, who are smarter than I am. Lately, I realize that is the moment I know I am going to take English as my subject at the university.

Regardless how trivial your hobby is, never let it dies. You’ll never know what tomorrow brings…


2 thoughts on “Real Love at The First Songs

  1. I have similar experience when I was in university. Everybody were either so smart they didn’t need to study, or so hard-working they studied so hard. It was so stressful. I didn’t enjoy it a bit.

    I love songs too…they are like bookmarks for my life. Each period marked by different songs.

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