No End in Sight Yet (Part 2)

The text read as follows “ all to:day’s crews are asked to gather at the office on Monday morning. There is going to be an announcement from the director. Our website perhaps will hit the road again.”

I was quite surprised to read the message but tried to be calm just in case that was untrue. I and two of my former office mates discussed so many things in regards with the news. We did not believe our website would come into a life again. This must be a strategy to get back all assets (some of us still hold BlackBerry and laptops, anyway). This could be just a trap, and so on. Any worse scenario came up with the ridiculous one was that what had happened last Friday was a drama to split us all.

I was so confused. But we agreed we would be present at the office on Monday. Most of us were there. The director informed us he had found a new investor who was interested in bringing our website into reoperation. We welcomed the decision. But things did not go as smooth as I thought. During a small discussion with the director, some representatives from reporters and employees asked for the director not to include our former managing director into our would-be new to:day. This surprised him, I guess, since the managing director is actually his good friend. We explained so many things on why we dislike him personally and professionally. All in all, the director apologized for all the mess he made including choosing the managing director to lead us for around eight months.

The Monday meeting was so great. But I tried not to hope so much. I remained alert for other job openings. But as I was trying not to bother much on the plan, a series of meetings took place. And everything becomes more concrete as I joined just another discussion on Wednesay to reconcept the new look of to:day. At first, it would be so difficult to, in my opinion, rebuild to:day. We were asked to make our dying website on the right track, get our exact segmented readers, bring the most unique of our website, come up with tag line, and provide best content plans.

Wednesday is so tiring. How can everything become this hard? Now, I know how complicated to create a new media, which is in fact, not really new at all, is.I took enough sleep after the meeting and woke up at dawn to get inspirations for my own section: economy. Oh never thought everything gets so easy. I typed what was on my head and done! 30 minutes only to reshape the economy desk.

Thursday makes all of our plans so much real. I am so proud with my friends coz they are very smart. Their have great ideas on what we are supposed to do to make our website become much more competitive. Concepts, tag lines, desk planning contents, vision, and mission are completed! Wow!

After eight months, we realize big and abstract rumors and issues were distracting us to fully understand what our readers need and want. Referring to our statistic, we know that people do not actually pay attention on the fuss among lawmakers, macro economy policies, or discourses. Oftentimes, what they take into accounts are as simple as fuel prices, electricity bills, civil servant salaries, profitable small scale businesses, tricks to save themselves from criminal acts, traffic info, natural disasters. All that are within their own reach and understanding. Why bother ourselves if high conspiracy political news, for instance, do not win readers’ hearts?

Some of the former to:day’s journalists are still doubtful about all of this. They suspect this and that. They ask for some questions I am unable to answer or speculate. All I can say is that if they are still puzzled then dont join us. But if they still want to be part of the team then come in. Put aside all negative thoughts.

What about me anyway? By the time I am writing this diary, I am trying to put everything in a balance. Most part of my heart goes for the website. Small portion of it urges me to keep chances wide open; that I should search for another job just in case the plan does not go in our expected paths. Its a matter of putting things in, again, a balance.

From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to ask for supports from all my friends, readers, everyone who care to drop by at my blog and read this piece of crap. I am looking forward for the awakening of We do not promise too much; that this website will be oustanding thus defeat our predecessors.

We simply offer information that is hopefully beneficial to you all. While for economy news, I am happy to say that I and my small team is going to deliver stories that are more digestive for our beloved readers. At last, let news speaks for itself. Thank you….


10 thoughts on “No End in Sight Yet (Part 2)

  1. hey eny!
    so glaaaaddd to read this!!
    thank God, though it’s still halfway and you haven’t known the end of the story yet, at least it’s one good progress after all those mourning days!!
    i’m sure (like i said before), to:day will be back soon, only that this time: beeetteeeeerrrr!!!
    oh and if I may suggest something: the title of the column of “healthy” is a bit wrong grammatically, don’t u think? it’s an adjective that should be followed by a noun (eg: healthy life). “Health” then would fit better. (hadeeehhh ini kenapa gue jadi ngasi saran yahh… hahaha… ga papa deh mumpung to:day mau dirombak hhihihihiii).
    btw en, who do you mean with the Managing Director??? Is it that OKB???
    Hmmm… we should have some chats later on this en (on YM of course hehehe), so I can get some fresh updates (halaahh, diaan diaaann… gosip aja yg ada di kepala loe… hahahaha)…
    until then, all the best to you yah en!! I am sooo praying for you and fitri, and to:day!

    • Yes, there is still a chance for the reawakening of to:day. I remain optimistic but has to be very patient to go through all processes and fight against boredom and uncertainty. Hopefully, all is worth the wait. Amin3. Thanks ya…

  2. Eny….!!!! I never knew that to:day was having some big trouble and needed to be shut down. Where on earth was I living? Need to read the previous two posts first. Anyway, that’s true. Practical and more down to earth issues attract readers more. Who cares about high level conspiracy? Most people just want to know whether they should go by car or by motorcycle tomorrow to the office to avoid traffic jam. Or who wins between MU and Barca last night? Or whether Leo and Kate finally get together? (gosip bgt ketularan Dian) Or whether Bon Jovi will really come to Jakarta this November? (personal inquiry that ine 😀 ) After that, THEN you can add more heavy stories to win loyalty and bigger readers.

    Anyway, good luck!

  3. satu hal yang pernah aku dengar dan akhirnya aku percaya, en…

    cintai dan setia lah pada profesimu, bukan pada perusahaanmu, karena kamu tidak akan pernah tau kapan perusahaanmu berhenti mencintaimu.

    semoga kamu gak akan kehilangan semangat dalam profesimu, en…

    (aku lebih suka pake nama aliasku untuk nulis2 komen. hehehe… dian tau siapa aku)

  4. Hello Eny; I read the first part of this posting a while ago, but sorry, haven’t had a chance to drop any comments because I only read it on BB. Anyway, it’s a good news that to:day will operate again. But, I guess you’re doing it right by keeping your heart open for another opportunity, because, as they say, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ (err.. is that the right idiom? anyway, I guess you know what I mean :D). Well, Eny, wish for the best for you; hope Allah will lead you to the best place for you 🙂

  5. All the best, En!

    “We simply offer information that is hopefully beneficial to you all. While for economy news, I am happy to say that I and my small team is going to deliver stories that are more digestive for our beloved readers.”

    I agree with this statement totally. Tell us how it relates to our life. Say, how traffic in Jakarta is sapping not only our time but our pocket and life quality etc.
    Or why KRL has to change the timetable and why people should accept it. Things like that. 😀 Well, only my two cents.

    Have fun with the new Today.

    • Mari…. so glad that you read this shitty blog, hahaha. I am so happy since I know you are better writer than I am. Thank you for the support. Its still a long way to go but I am optimistic we’ll be a better one. Amin. See you around girl!

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