Satisfaction On Sale

I don’t celebrate Christmas but always look forward to see how merry the festivity is each year along with the coming of New Year. I love to notice shopping malls in Jakarta are in a race to draw visitors through attractive discounts. They even display winter collections given the fact snow does not fall in Indonesia.

At the end of December 2011, I and my friend pay some visits to two high-class shopping malls in Senayan. Branded clothes, purses, shoes, are too tempting to resist. Plus, each store offer attractive discounts, which are still expensive to me. Don’t get me wrong. I always wonder what makes so many Jakartans love spending so much money on luxurious clothes or bags that they rarely use. Also, I wonder why many Indonesians like flying to Singapore for buying expensive products. Each time I step in those malls, I’d like to ask for shop managers on how many buyers are keen on purcashing such luxurious items? Do their stores bring enough profits?

When it comes to self-appreciation, I fully understand why they shop so much on apperance. It is actually similar with my way to satisfy myself, but in different ways. May be friends will question my decision to spend thousand of rupiah just for a ticket to watch Westlife concert last October. I can’t meet them personally. I can only sit few meters away from the stage. That may not worth it for some. But for me, that does. Or, perhaps my mother will question on how come I don’t have any dress to attend my friend’s wedding thus I have to borrow my mother’s. She may wonder where all my money go so far.

Well, mom. You need to know that I spend a lot of money on books, and currently on CDs. I choose decent books, music, and films, as media to be self-appreciative. I almost always ends up regretful once entering a shop since I find it hard to find clothes or trousers that match my style and purse. But books? I can find bunch of amazing books because I have some favorite authors. And musicians? Lots of them as well.

If I used to give critics for those who are willing to buy luxurious products now I take back those words. May be people have their own ways to channel their appetite. Some like spending money on clothes, while others love buying cars, or even travel. I am grateful for having limited money to buy those products.


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