Meeting My Soccer Idols

At the end of February, I was so surprised to learn news that several my favorite footballers — Fabio Cannavaro, Robert Pires, Marco Materazzi, and Edgar Davids — were coming to the capital for Starbol 2012 in Senayan, nearby the place where I stay. I was so joyful but also confused on whether or not I should catch them. I made up my mind to only watch them in a coaching clinic, one day before they played as European Team against Samba Team featuring Djalminha and Denilson from Brazil.

Unexpectedly, the coaching clinic session went so fruitful that I quickly let my heart spoke. I was bedazzled by the four guys. It has been ages I haven’t watched them in the soccer fields. I was lost in touch with their news, where they are playing at, and so forth. But still… having chance to capture people who have inspired me is so breathtaking, miraculous news ever. That was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So, I browsed information about how to buy tickets of the game. I even dared myself to purchase the tickets via online, something I have always been afraid to do because of such and such things. Worst consequence would be I might lose my money. And that was fine though.

In short, I met them live in Istora Senayan. I was able to see how such worldwide stars vowed their fans just like I. Now I know why Davids, Pires, Materazzi, and Cannavaro are very amazing players.

I also met new friends,funny and hillarious people. I felt so much in joy in the night. The players, the place, the new people, the experience. So happy that I wished the clock stood still. All I can say is that thank you so much Alloh swt for making my dreams come true, again and again.

Below are some pics from the coacling clinic session and the game featuring some Indonesian famous players. Sorry for the blur and unclear shots. Blame it on my cheap camera and my amateur photography skills. Being in the stadium speaks everything!


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