This year, I did not miss watching Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier 2012. Last year, I failed to have been present during the event because of some terrible bad news I had to cope. I did not want to see my friends and I was feeling so awful. All I wanted at that time was a moment for silence. But this year, my heart was full of joy in spite of some anxiety that Italy would not make it to the quarter final of the 2012 Euro Cup, but it did eventually.

Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier has been my must-watch event every year ever since I stay in the capital in 2007. I covered the event back in 2008 as a sport journalist. After I was moved from sport desk, I and my friends regularly attended the tournament. In 2008, 2009, 2010, the event went on as usual sport tournament where what I enjoyed was exciting badminton games. Very few entertainment I found. But this year, everything looked so awesome.

I decided I had to make it this time around whatever it might take. So, I washed my dirty clothes quickly and ignored  the fact that I was a bit tired and sleepy. I came to Istora Senayan where the event was being held without a ticket in my hand. I was willing to buy the most expensive ticket but once I got to the venue my mind was wondering should I really purchase such expensive ticket since I thought I saw only an open ticket box that provided for those wanting to buy VIP class tickets. Those with affordable ones were closed, I believed so.

Then, a man offering me a Class 2 ticket just Rp 5,000 more expensive than its original Rp 75,000. Without further ado, I bought it. Then I rushed to the venue and shared joy with thousands of spectators. I was marveled on seeing how young and old combined together, shouting our beloved badminton names despite the fact that our badminton athletes played so poor in the previous 2012 Thomas and Uber Cup in China.

That day’s showcase, however, put me into a strong belief that we do still have a good faith on our players. We are such faithful badminton addicts who are willing to support them in good and bad times. And watching how they were playing amazingly that day, I become strongly believe we are not yet finished.

The day saw four divisions featuring our domestic badminton players. Two out of four won and only one, man single player Simon Santosa, who brought home a title as the champion in the final. Despite the defeat, I applauded to the performances of mixed doubles Lilyana Natsir/Tantowi Ahmad who successfully made me jumping in full excitement while shouting their names. Oh my! I was very lucky to have witnessed such a world class game. Something I had never done in a bit long time.

What was more was that I was so amazed with  how the organizer of the event kept on improving their work. Lots of badminton-theme photo spots, food stalls (though expensive), pictures of badminton prides, free fun games, badminton hall for free practice, and  many more. Istora looked so pretty and alive for about a week. The venue looked so awesome; laser lights were playing before and after each games ended. Even we enjoyed some performance s by local singers, though I dislike some of them. But such cheap ticket for a great way to spend the weekend. One word for this: GREAT!

Anyway, I posted these pictures and I do hope you like it. These are all mine. I keep my fingers crossed for a more fabulous sportainment next year! Go Indonesia!


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