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Yeah, rite! This kind of expression has become one of my favorites. Oftentimes, I use this word to shortly stop other people from further saying things I dislike. And currently, I say this even more often than ever during Euro Cup 2012. I know this is a democracy era where people can say things as they like, positively or negatively, bombastically, or whatever. In football, this what makes games more colorful. The war of fans. The battle of opinions. The grudge of teams. Anything. A funny caricature depicting certain players or a pun can be look awesome and I know that’s entertaining sometimes. But I’m getting sick of it lately.

I reached my impatient on this when Portugal was beaten by Spain in the semifinal phase of the tournament. I dislike Cristiano Ronaldo but I can’t tolerate the fact that many people mocked him after the lost. Even one big online media in Indonesia highlighted his 50s hair style at the end of the media’s story ahead of the final game with exaggerated language. What a dull article! Even as an opinion, the writer must use neutral words to avoid any hatred from his fans or a person who even dislikes Ronaldo.

The rise of Twitter and Facebook brings more channels for football fans or those who happen to like soccer because of the tournament to say what they like. May be I’m taking too much on what they say but I still find it very ridiculous how one of my friends mocked Italian striker Mario Balotelli due to his poor performance then praise him for just another wonderful match. I was displeased with his initial performance but I did not humiliate him in an open public discussion and I did not use harsh words.

And I hate football commentators now. Not all of them are wrong but I just hate they sometimes can not set aside their subjectivity while commenting on games. I now blacklist a commentator who once said Italy has only mediocre defending players. Hours after that, Italy won against England. I am a huge fan of Juventus and can’t accept his statement due to the fact that those defending players have been successfully safeguarding the team from a defeat in 42 games in this season. That’s a amazing record for an Italian football club.

The trend is always gonna be like this. When you win, lots and lots and lots of media publicity will blow your mind away. You will receive dozens or even millions of praises from people around the world because of your achievement. You will only be a very few inches from God’s feet. But when you lose, get ready for massive negative comments that may downgrade your spirit. Take how people humiliate for what you do despite hard efforts you have done before. There will be few comments that will boost your spirit. That exactly what happens to football. Worse thing is it’s so damn hard to avoid bombastic words to “sell” your stories and poor me who still defends that philosophy. In the name of fairness, until now I prefer not to use bombastic words to describe a story even it’s for sports. The reason is simple: I always try to avoid any subjectivity as long as I can in news.

With Italy’s defeat in the final, all I’m going to do is trying to close my eyes from news about Euro Cup 2012. I am expecting global media will highlight how disappointing Italy was and how great Spain was. Bla and bla and bla. You name it. And yes. I am really sad with such anti climax performance from my most favorite team ever. Never thought they would surrender 0-4 beside the fact that Spain was playing very well.

May be this reason is gonna be ridiculous but the time between semifinal and final game is too close. Italy only had two days full to get some rest after undergoing a match against Germany. But yeah, I admit Italy played poorly and Spain possessed more balls during the game. What I’m trying to cope right now is the big score. That sucks! But let gets this all passed. That’s why I avoid any news related to football and discuss the game with friends, if possible. Shut and shut them all. What weighing down on my heart sometimes not about the defeat itself but more on how people, especially those with bitter comments, react. Why don’t say something more neutral when their favorite teams beat others? I have been a loyal fan of Juventus and Italy and still try to put myself in other fans’ shoes thus I attempt not to comment coarsely (despite the fact that I am a quite silent person on this).

Anyway… despite the bad final result, I am still proud of the “Gli Azzuri”. Despite current domestic football scandal, I never thought they would make it to the final round. I was in the edge of emotion when they almost did not even pass through the qualifying phase of Group C. They are still the best ever. I am still very fortunate to have seen seven of Juventus players playing for the team: Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, and Emanuele Giacherini. Having watching them the whole month, waking up in the middle of the night, and arriving late at office was such a good experience to remember. Result is the best of all, for some people, but for me it is the journey that matters most. I did really enjoy what the team performed in the competition. It’s like a reborn Italy from devastating campaign at the 2012 World Cup to a good blend of senior and young players in the 2012 Euro Cup. Under the leadership of Cesare Prandelli, Italy shows more attacks while maintaining a good defense (except for the final game). All in all, I like today’s Italy, more attractive and more entertaining.

While for Spain, congratulations. At first, I thought I would hate the team and expect any teams would be able to break its winning record. But they were better than Italy. And about the new history they made.. hmmm.. don’t worry. Someday, they’re going to be a new country that will break the record as I believe nothing is impossible in sport. Grazie Prandelli, I hope you remain with the team to snatch the 2014 World Cup. And thank you Italy for all indescribable emotions during the whole month; joy, disappointment, pride, sadness. Such a very pleasant moment to spend June as most colorful month of all this year. Grazie: Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio, Andrea Barzagli, Giogio Chiellini, Emmanuele Giacherini, Antonio Di Natale, Antonio Cassano, Mario Balotelli, Leonardo Bonucci, Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniele De Rossi, Thiago Motta, Salvatore Sirigu, Morgan De Sanctis, Christian Maggio, Angelo Ogbonna, Federico Balzaretti, Ignazio Abate, Riccardo Montolivo, Alessandro Diamanti, Antonio Nocerino, Fabio Borini, and Sebastian Giovinc0.

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