I could not help being sad over the defeat of Juve. Its unbeaten record stopped at 49, in front of its home fans. Worse thing is that Juve lost to its eternal enemy, Inter Milan. Like what happened when I was at school, I am preparing from bad comments from Internisti. And that can be painful. And now, I am avoiding reading news about that match, football in general, if I can say so. I turned off television, I glued to my netbook while filling up my blog. It has been a while I did not do these things. And I added my sorrow by listening to Westlife’s songs. Again, it feels like ages I did not do this thing. After such merry and wonderful Saturday trip to Bogor, now I am dealing with this mellow Sunday tone.

I miss Westlife, I miss old times watching Alessandro Del Piero with Juventus. And I miss… someone in Chicago. Oh life! Being happy and sad can happen almost at the same time. Dealing with my own’s feeling, taming the good and bad side of mine is as difficult as hell! I find a formula to keep myself at a balanced mood; that I must not be overjoy when I am happy and vice versa. I must not be so depressed when I am sad. Easier said than done. Sometimes the hardest part is taking some time to cope with that. To tell myself that the world doesn’t come to an end because of this and that, and such and such and such things…

And I have kept telling myself that the world will not crumble after the loss. And I am trying to remain silent over harsh words from Internisti or everyone who loves seeing Juve’s loss. The journey is far from over. Juve can humiliate and fight back when they face Inter next year. There lay hopes ahead.. this and that thing will push Juve up. But still… needless to say I am still dissapointed. Okay, that’s such small thing, for some people. And my father once warns me not to be exaggerated about this football kind of thing. But Juve is more than just football. It has been part of my dream. It encourages me to dream, shoot everything higher than stars.

Being at the Juventus Stadium, taking pictures with Ale are still my biggest dreams. And I am so very grateful with those things, especially at the moment when I feel so clueless about my future thus the only thing I can aim at is saving a lot of money so that I can go to Sydney and Turin.

I have been living like in a flat line, lifeless tone that I seek for someone or some things that boost my motivations. Juve, Ale, the Chicago temporary man, are those who can slap my face, to wake me up and tell me something very worthwhile await me here and now. They tell me that I must fight for live, enjoy the present, and fight for my future, no matter how small they can be. So, okay! Juve lost yesterday and I was completely sad. I guess that is the consequence of loving it so much with all my heart. And like it or not, I have to deal with this and let time helps me fixing this broken feeling.


What I hate from Juve vs Inter is that their rivalry is no longer about victory or defeat in the field. Call it calciopoli, farsopoli, or whatever that is! Their competition goes ashtray from the field to political thing. Juve is relegated to Serie B and has its league titles scrapped. But now I doubt about the truth that Juve is such that guilty given the fact that the Italian football federation is dominated by Internisti.

I think that Juve reached its fatigue point when it welcomed Inter at the last match. It was playing below its par with some loopholes, being careless at the end of the game, unorganized attack plot, and everything. This was different when they won 2-0 against Napoli, which I think, is not significantly good as Inter.

This season, Juve has to play twice a week not to mention most of its players play for Italian national team. The team is completely exhausted and lacks of grinta, or may be winning spirit. The lost was inevitable.

On the other hand, Inter played better. I had to admit that. They created more chances and performed accurately. I wish all Internisti or football lovers can still have sympathy to other teams’ supporters as triumph and defeat is what football game is all about. But coarse words and unfair responses are things that make sport, or football, can be very loathsome!

I wish Juve can revenge this defeat with their seat at the next round of Champions League. I have been dying to see them lift the most prestigious cup in Europe. I don’t actually care about the revenge against Inter as I still think Juve is much more superior than the team (even after the loss, stupid isn’t it?). I mean, I never think Inter is that good because of the scandal involving it with Juve. Also, I dislike the fact that Inter relies much (at least in the 1990s) on super expensive player. I prefer AC Milan though. It’s more elegant and contributes lots of players in the national team, just like Juve.

Anyway, I hope the loss can push Juve to get up and start again. Never too late to begin everything in positive and hopeful tone. I will always be at your side Juve in ups and downs. I will always support you no matter what happens. In the meantime, lets enjoy this sorrowful tone and hope this will end tomorrow.



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