Among so many young singers nowadays, my most favorite one is her, Taylor Swift. She has everything; beautiful face, slim body, good vocals, and amazing talents. Plus, she is a country singer, one of my favorite music genres after pop. I like most of her songs, with “You Belong With Me” as the first song that introduces me to her awesome music career at such a young age. Since then, I like all of her hits. So, I got this video accidentally as I found “Fearless” video. It always makes me feel happy to find good and easy listening songs unexpectedly.

I like “22” as it brings cheerful mode and doesn’t talk specifically about romance. Kind of reminds me of being a free, joyful young person (a feeling I almost forget).

What I like from her is that she draws most of her hits from her own experiences, happy or bitter ones. She is so skilled in guitar and amazing in doing acoustic performances. Her songs really fit with my music taste, easy listening (I wrote it again) and light (not necessarily low-class), and makes me happy. I hope you like it as I do!


“22” (Happy, Free, Confused, Lonely, In The Best Way)


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