Exploring the Extreme Beijing (Part 1)

I had serious personnel problems in the last few months so that I didn’t have any time to post wonderful shots when I went to Beijing, China, about two months ago. Now, I can smile again. My life is way more amazing than ever. I can be grateful for each morning Alloh swt gives me.. Needless to say more. Let these pictures speak for you!


Me with mas Mance at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport prior to our departure to Beijing via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific Airlines.


At the Hong Kong International Airport. I can view that it is surrounded by sea, hills, super high buildings. BRAVO!


My beautiful, funny office girls: Sheyla, me, Meta, Enno, Tria, Anning and Indah while we wait for an acrobatic show right after we touch down the Beijing International Airport.

IMG_0577The first extreme shows of the overall evening performance. This is just the beginning and I can’t tell how another following performance produces stress, anxiety and amazement. Stunning yet frightens me so much!


This is so pretty. I wonder how these ladies work out to attain this balance. This is the kind of my favorite show.


And also, I love this one…


The most extreme of all scenes where some bikers go inside the circle. They go up and down quickly without hitting each other! Crazy man, crazy! I and my fellows are completely so scared that they may fall or get hurt.


Me and Syella after the show. Guess what? The time is about 7 p.m and look at the bright sky! hohoho! Not only in acrobatic, Beijing also has extreme weather. By the way, I love this corner site. I already feel the old, classic taste of Beijing!


As a daily public transportation passenger in Jakarta, I take a chance to pose in one of the bus shelters in Beijing. I like the way the local administration provides a city map in the shelter. Unfortunately, I have no time to enjoy public transportation while I stay in the city.

IMG_0631In front of the Long Ding Hua hotel where we stay during the trip.


I reallly love this picture. Many thanks for my dearest pal, Meta, who takes this picture. This is across the iconic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace.


A beautiful garden in front of the Forbidden City.



This is what freedom means to us. Syella, me (center) and Meta, my roommate. This is an epic picture as being shot in front of the historical square. Sorry, I quite forget if the building behind us is the cemetery of Mao Zhedong or not. Poor memory!


Yes, we are here! Sooo happy!


Excitement wrapped in windy air.


With our local tourist guide, Celine. Sorry if I pronounce it wrongly. She is so pretty, speaks Bahasa Indonesia fluently, and works so professionally.


Ladies and gentlemen.. finally I am here. Swing pose for this must-visit site when you are in Beijing. Yep, I stand in front of the huge Mao Zhedong picture hang at the front gate of the Forbidden City. Wooohoooo!!!


Still at the same square but this is, if I’m not mistaken, is the parliament building. So visitors can find some historical, importand buildings in this single square, including the Forbidden City.


One of the giant gates of the Forbidden City. I can tell you that the gates are so high, huge.


The symbol of the then Chinese kingdom dictatorship.


Sorry, I forget the name of the gate. You can see so many visitors flocking the national heritage. Each room is also so big alongside with a very large yard in front of it. I am so amazed with the size of the complex.


Me and my office mates. What an experience we have! Despite the tiring long walk, sunny weather, we are joyful that we are finally here.


This is the condition inside one of the rooms of the king’s wives. Still neatly done. I love the ceramics. Looking at the time they establish the palace, this remains are remarkable.


Another look inside the king’s wive room. I adore this a lot!


This is inside the king’s wive complex. So, there are some rooms inside the complex, each of which contains historical items that remain so carefully maintained.


The gate of the king’s wife complex. We don’t go inside the complex, though.


Yeay! garden. How I long for visiting this kind of beauty. The palace owns a backyard garden, which unfortunately, not quite big. Somehow, this is so abundant for the king family. Simply refreshing after the very long walk in a such hot afternoon.


Me and Meta in the garden.


You can find some of these rooms, sorry I don’t know the specific term for this room, in the garden. The local tour guide says the king usually read book, sip a cup of tea inside the room.


What a wrap! Tiring but extremely happy! End of the visit to the square and the palace.


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