Thank You ‘Lolita’ and ‘On The Road’

One of the most disgruntled effects because of experiencing heartbroken is losing my reading appetite. Prior to this awful yet precious moment, I am such a bookworm. At least, I call myself as such kind of person. I am so in love with novels. Classic, thick books with long-flowery yet poetic kind of novels. I can’t believe that being heartbroken can even kill this number two hobby (number one hobby is watching Juventus, by the way).

For about two months, I completely shut my mind from reading novels. I have ‘Adam Bede’ in my bookshelf and I retouch the book about this week despite the fact I have purchased this George Eliot’s masterpiece a few months ago. Before the title, I still have another title left unread. Say, ‘Don Quixote’, ‘Perang Muhammad’ and ‘Sejarah Islam’, the last two are not novels, but books about Islam, by the way.

Anyhow.. that’s how being brokenhearted can be so destructive. It takes you out from your own self. It drags you down. It causes you not to do anything you usually fond of. In my case is reading amazing books. Oh and I don’t listen to love songs about two months. Yep, the experience hurts me so much that I even avoid listening to the songs I usually like to hear.

That’s the bleak moment and now I’m back. Can’t be more joyful than the afternoon visit to Kinokuniya bookstore on Thursday, Aug 21, 2014. I know I still have the unread ‘Adam Bede’ coupled with empty pocket but still .. I can’t help myself dropping by at the most favorite store ever in Jakarta.

I glance at some titles, look at the new books in the front area of the large bookstore. Actually, I’m a bit disappointed that the store has yet to add more titles about classic literature. I order them via Twitter to provide Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend but apparently the title is still unavailable. Never mind though.

Through and through. I grab and have a quick look at some books. My focus is almost always on the classic section. I don’t care about another genre. Unfortunately, I have no to-be-read classic books in my mind even after the short literature tour. For me, Thomas Hardy is the only classic writer whose works I always admire. And I have read his best novels. So I must seek another genre.

Here we go… among a few books without plastic wraps, I set my eyes on ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac. I have known his name for quite a long time but haven’t opened the title until that afternoon. And wow.. I must admit that I am hooked by the book and another title whose title I forget.

It’s different from another first person story telling. I feel like rereading ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ but with more mature point of view. The book is great. The language surprisingly catches my heart since usually I dislike reading first person story telling. I prefer to read third person story telling, like the ones I read in Hardy’s books. Jack’s writings are somehow.. I don’t have an exact word other than: so honest.

Once I read the first page I am completely hooked. Looking at the book price I put the book back at the shelf. LOL! One day I’ll return to those titles.

After I haven’t added any classic reference in my to-be-read list then open my mind to first person story telling I can’t resist the temptation of ‘Lolita’. I always refuse to even read the first page of the novel but as the saying goes, the more you avoid something or someone the more you actually want to approach him/her/that. So.. I open the first page and I looveee it.. It’s so strange that it is ‘Lolita’, the name of the book that I wanted to avoid so much given its pedophile theme, is the one that turns my reading mode on again. Well, never mind though because the point is I recharge my reading spirit, return to the ‘Adam Bede’ then get ready for the best pleasure ‘Lolita’…





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