Exploring the Extreme Beijing (Part 2)

After watching an extreme acrobatic show, visiting the Tiananmen Square and exploring the giant Forbidden Palace, we further enjoy what the China’s capital has in store for us. You can view them below:


A few metres away from the Bird Nest Stadium, the venue for the 2008 Olympic Games



It has a distinctive, marvelous building design I must say…



As a sport fanatic, this place is quite something for me… *youknowwhatImean*






Yes, it’s a beautiful architecture



The Summer Palace, still in the capital. Very sunny, windy, crowded place when we go there. Yep! I don’t quite enjoy being here..


This picture makes the visit. Always love candid picture. Thanks Meta for this shot!


A giant, artificial lake in the heart of the busy Beijing. Still so worth it to spend a weekend with family.


The Palace has a long history. Sorry, I can’t remember all details. All in all, this place is used for Chinese kings to hide away from summer heat. They build bridges, this lake where they can have a stroll and do some rowing. Whata life!


I like this giant bridge along with white statues. May symbolize something but whatever.


Another wonderful shot by Meta. Too bad we have very limited time at this site. It looks like the place offer something more than a lake, bridge, and palace.. Too bad…


A pose under a tree. Always a favorite.


my travel mates: Meta and Syella in the center of the high-end shopping mall namely Wangfujing market. And yep, thats me again!


Still me standing amongst the crowd. I like this site, like literally, despite the definitely skyrocketing products prices.


This is the view from the Long Ding Hua hotel where we stay during the trip. I love it. Classic!


(from left to right): Mas Asrudin, me and Reza. They are my co-workers.


Another shot angle. Still the same persons. Still at the same front of the Long Ding Hua hotel.


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