Bus ride reading time

I can’t exactly remember when I start reading books during bus ride that carries me from my boarding house to office and vice versa. The thing is it has almost been an obligatory for me to bring books whenever I go. Sometimes I may not read them but most of the times I do. One thing for sure, every time I carry books I feel I have best companions with me. Whenever I get bored during trip, I can just open their pages and let time slip away.

Public transportation in Jakarta is very unreliable even for Transjakarta bus that has been given special lanes. I can still wait up to 40 minutes for this kind of bus. It’s so damn emotional to wait for such long time. That’s the main reason on why I bring novels wherever I go although sometimes I admit the books may add extra weight to my bag. But I just can’t let them being left at the boarding home. Doing so, I may feel so lonely.

From being the best pal during a possible long bus wait, now reading books during bus ride or bus moment turns out into a very exciting activity. I have completed reading the very thick The Mill on The Floss while taking Transjakarta bus. I don’t remember other titles. Currently, I apply the same method for finishing reading Adam Bede. It’s funny now to see that I prefer reading books during hectic moments in the bus (sometimes I manage to read novels while standing, by the way) to read them during weekends when I have so many spare times.

I have tried reading Adam Bede after I reach the house but I give it up after a few pages. May be I get too tired or too sleepy or perhaps the so-called bus ride reading moment has dominated my overall reading mood that I find it difficult to spend much time reading in another place than bus. Oh nooo.. I hope that is not the case!

All in all, it’s fascinating I am still able to absorb story lines from all novels that I read amidst crowded bus situation. I salute my brain for being able to fully concentrate on the novels’ plots even in noisy conditions. No, I don’t mean to show off. I wish only to say that I am glad that I can always allocate time for reading, the best hobby God has been given me in my life.


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