Happy Birthday JUVENTUS!

tanti auguri Juventuspicture source: www.buzzyfootball.com

Writing about Juventus is one of the topics I would like to avoid. It’s not because that I know a lot about the club that would make it hard for me to put them down into some posts. But it’s more because I love it so much. It has been the part of my life for more than 17 years that I have to carefully put into so much love and affection in each of the post about the club. And doing that is so damn terrifying. Expressing your thoughts about something or someone you completely love is such a great task because you have to contemplate, feel the love before you put those unspoken emotions into words. And after you have done that you know you won’t feel enough. You know something remains missing. And you will never evel feel enough. Later, you realize no words can ever enough to express your love. Then, it ends up being you and the feeling you have in your heart of which you will only share it with God or with people as crazy as you are.

That happens with me and Juventus, especially this year. That what makes me to still unable to share pictures about its tour last August in Jakarta. It’s not about that I have no time to put all pictures here in this blog. It’s more because I have not moved on from the tour. The best three days this year, one of the best moments in my whole life so far. Between 4 and 6 August. It’s the kind of best moment you would like to capture it in your heart forever and ever. It’s the kind of time when you really wish the clock would stand still.

Even now, each time I pass Gelora Bung Karno main stadium on the way back home from my office I still feel those emotions. The night when thousands of Juventini pack the stadium, singing, shouting, clapping our hands. I can’t describe those moments. The night still feels like a dream for me. Too wonderful to be remembered. Sometimes, I’d like to avoid remembering those days. It’s just way too beautiful.

So, that what makes this year’s birthday feels so special. And it will be as special as ever because I have finally met the darling, the beloved, the one and only JUVENTUS FC! I’ve met the Juve boys whom I have usually watched in TV screens. I’ve eventually encountered the team which has been inside in my heart,; the club that has encouraged me to dream; the team that has taught me a lot about the values of life. It is never enough to say how much I love the Old Lady…

And thanks to the occasion now that I have amazing new Juventini friends with whom I can share, chat with, joke with (just one of them actually) about the club. I have some fellows who have the same passion and insanity. I finally have the best buddies to get crazy with. This makes this year’s birthday celebration becomes even more something. And the annual occasion will even get more special next year and the years after that.

It’s been 117 years since the club has been founded. It’s started out with shared passion from a group of boys in Turin. They enthusiastically reach the dream till now it becomes the best Italian club. Their very old passion is now within the heart of every Juventini, including me. They teach us what it means to wear the black-and-white jersey. They pass on their values of what it means to be part of Juventus. It’s the determination, the pride, the love, the dream, the heart, the passion, the togetherness, the winning mentality, the respect, the history, and best of all .. the family.

SO, happy birthday Juventus. The older you are, the more beautiful you become. Stay graceful, remain on top and keep on winning! Thank you for the joy, the sadness, the victory, the defeat, the life lessons. Finally, thank you for being part of my life..


Forever love,


A Juventini. Through and through.



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