Playing ON, Ale! Keep doing what you love


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Among so many good qualities from Alessandro Del Piero both as a footballer and an individual, I am mostly impressed on his particular trait: never tired of raising his life bar.

When I have a chance of meeting him last November in Sydney, Australia, I confirm on what has been long in my head as something so damn true. I have been his huge fan for more than 13 years thanks to his diligence, hardworking type of player as seen from television. Ale steals my heart away from his former duet, Filippo Inzaghi, at that time. The way Ale plays like a lion, knowing no tiredness on the pitch amazes me much. The way he maintains his good playing rhythm until referees blow their whistles is so startling.

That he continues scoring goals until he becomes Juventus’s all time best goal scores is definitely a result of his persistence, his super hard training and his ability to always get hungry for something greater and better.

Watching him training for about two hours and playing for about 40 minutes for Sydney FC a year ago justifies my thoughts. Despite the not-so-known Sydney FC in the football industry as compared to Juventus, the relatively new Australian League reputation among football lovers, the 40-year old megastar knows very much how to make his presence matters a lot.

He knows what to do with his career after the awesome 19 years togetherness with the Old Lady. He wholly understands what his choice is going to take him. And definitely, he comprehends what he needs to do is not experiencing what he has felt but always starving for something new, something that will bring much more pride to his already world class fame.

So there he is. Training as usual. Working hard to be the best captain for the club. Listening to coach directions. He never underestimates each training session. He never jokes about his young club mates who never taste the glory of lifting the World Cup. No, he trains because he still wants to be the best even if he is no longer young for a footballer to compete in a high tension championship.

You will get surprised on how this world champion with so many titles attached to his long, wonderful CV considers himself as just a player. As someone who wants to play, play and play. He always aims for something higher and higher in his life despite the fact he almost has it all, except for the Euro Cup winner. He remains that competitive, that animal-led adrenaline who (at least at the moment) has yet to think of retiring.

What makes him even more outstanding is that he does this not for the sake of sensation but for the love of his life: football. He has had that love ever since he was a kid and he’ll always keep it sparkling for the rest of his entire life. Playing football has been his truest, deepest voice that has led him thus far. And for that constant voice, he will keep playing until the day is completely over for him.

“My body and my head speak to me. For many years I’ve tried to listen to them with attention and respect. At this stage of my career they are telling me all they want is to play. My body and my head tell me they are hungry for a challenge.” from ‘Playing On’

By reading that quotes, I fully come to a conclusion that he is a born champion even if he turns 40 last week. Always looking for new challenges regardless in new, completely out of nowhere places as they can be. After a two-year adventure with Sydney FC, Ale is now a part of the Delhi Dynamos FC in a new Indian Super League competition. Surely, he knows how to make each turn in his life is as thrilling as ever just like what he has had with the Turin giants. And you know what? As a die-hard Delperista I can’t be even prouder. Looking at his future options, reading his preferences after leaving Turin, I can strongly state that Alessandro Del Piero teaches me on how to become a champion for my own life; raising my life bar to cultivate the loves of my life: English, reading and writing.

Grazie Alessandro! For everything you have shown, inspired me to do. Among so many best wishes for you I have written in my Twitter and Facebook accounts, I, again and again, would like to shout this one out loud: KEEP PLAYING ALE! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE THE MOST!

Forever love,


Your very die-hard fan



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