Because Excellence Is A Product of Habit, Not Talent

i go mad if i dont writepicture source:

After around six or five years I have been blogging here I feel my content or grammar does not improve as much as I expected. Sometimes, as I complete writing a post I don’t want to reread it because I don’t want to admit how many grammatical errors, mistyped letters, redundant phrases in the post. I used to be sorry for anyone who happen to read my blog because of these factors. I used to feel bad for shallow novel reviews or thoughts I have made. But then I think: why should I be like that? Why should I feel sorry for my stupidity that doesn’t hurt others?

Then I recall on the first and foremost reason why I keep writing in this blog regardless my grammar or content is to nurture my English writing skill as I no longer work as a journalist in an English-language newspaper. I don’t want all knowledge and skills that I have studied for 4.5 years in the university go to a waste because I don’t practice it. So, this blog is like a journal for myself.

I was not born as a smart person. I mean like, I have some friends who were born distinctively creative and genius that I don’t think they need to work hard to make them even more intelligent. As sometimes I agree with the saying that success requires 99% hardworking, 1% talent, I can’t help being envious with the fellas who are gifted with natural brilliancy. Since I can’t change what has been given to me by Alloh swt I have no choice other than working so hard. Thankfully, I have been blessed with curious trait that has led me to cope with boredom, stress, even loneliness.

Here, my curiosity refers to reading and writing. I don’t know how to live without them both. I love reading almost all kind of news, ranging from politic to gossip, with my particular interests are sport and literature. I am so fond of history, too. Basically, everything that relates to social knowledge interests me so much.

And this curiosity has been the engine of my life, the one that has propelled me to have gone this far. I worked as a journalist because I like reading news and listening to afternoon chats about politic between my father and his brother in the terrace of our homes. I love Juventus because I once read an article about Zinedine Zidane and the club. Little did I know that this habit pushed me to have reached so many things that had been only in my imaginations.

For someone who relies on curiosity, persistence is the key to keep the curiosity alive. I need to be consistent, too. These values are so hard to be maintained. There are moments when I feel so productive, meaning that I even type whatever that comes across my mind in the cellphone. But there are occasions when I let good ideas slip away. I can’t remember how many ideas go unprocessed, or worse, I often let so many writings unfinished. My bad habit is I get interested in finding titles and when they are half-written I abandon them because I lose the interest. You can say I am bit a quitter.

I can deal with this quitting habit when it comes to reading. I can finish up to 766 pages or even more should I find books are really interesting. As such, picking up just a book can be a very big deal for an idealist bookworm like me. But when I do find the one I’ll get so absorbed in the novel. Writing is, however, more complicated. It takes strong determination and regularity to do this thing regardless my condition. So, herewith I renew my vow to force myself writing at least three posts per week in this blog. If not aiming for lots of views or comments, I’d love to use this blog as an art station, something that occupies my mind whenever I am busy or relaxed. I’d like to regard this blog as an object that calls my mind to always get creative. Everything must be from inside the heart and henceforth it hopefully be a space for me to excel my skills.


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