Eleven Things Talkative Introverts Can Relate To

  1. You always try to draw a fine line when it comes to talking with people. You’re afraid that your words will guide them to know you deeper than you want.
  2. Your secrets are your treasure. You share them with people you trust the most. You talk about your problems only with those whom you know so well, the friends whom you know for some years. Sometimes, letting them know what you feel makes you lose a little portion of your treasure. But you know you’re a normal human being. You need to talk with those you feel most comfortable with. Feeling all these things get you so mixed up.
  3. Each time you unintentionally talk about something you try to hide all the time to friends you are not closed with, you feel so guilty to yourself.
  4. You are a good listener. You’re not hesitant to start discussions. You like making people telling their stories. But when they ask about you, you tend to or try not to open up as much as they may do.
  5. Strangers may find you a shy one. Good friends feel you are a nice person who will greet you, begin talking. Closed pals believe you will talk about your problems without them asking you first.
  6. You prefer being in a group of small numbers of people to in a group of a large one. Deep conversations interest you the most.
  7. You need to pull out from the crowd once in a while to recharge your energy. In short, you need to be all alone by yourself after getting involved in group conversations.
  8. You learn while talking with people to know what they like to talk about so that whenever you meet with them you know what topics you should start with.
  9. There is something left inside your mind even after you talk with your friends. That’s why you need to write whats left unsaid. Or you can talk to yourself or take a moment to reflect yourself. Praying can be a great tool, too.
  10. You wonder what will people say about you if you unintentionally tell about your little secret. You’re afraid your image will be tainted despite the fact that you do them no harm.
  11. At the end of the day, you believe you are your best friend of all. After so many things that you have shared with your best mate, you know you have to keep a few things for your own and Alloh swt. You always do that.




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