Five hints to consider reducing your reading addiction

penulisReading is a really great hobby. There are countless scientific facts that prove how reading brings so many benefits to the lives of those who love doing it. It feeds your mind. It enriches your souls. It keeps your brain active even as you grow old. It makes you having virtual friends, unseen figures who voice your exact views about everything. Reading can take you to places you have never been without spending much money.

Pak Alex, one of my lecturers once warns me and my university mates that the word ‘too’ is always negative despite positive nature attached to it. Reading is no exception. Here are few hints that should make you consider reducing your addiction reading levels:

When you talk with your friends but your eyes frequently look at the smartphone reading something

Although your primary reason is reading, which expands your knowledge and so on, looking at the phones while having your friends by your side is not only impolite but also saddening. I call this act as saddening because your love towards books seems surpassing that to human beings. This is so pathetic. Despite numerous knowledge and wisdom you can get by reading, qualified time with friends should be more important.

When you spend the entire weekend reading in your rooms

Spending weekends by reading is not bad at all until this makes you shutting out the door, making you eat junk foods, forcing you staying late at night, neglecting your laundry, ignoring calls from your best friends to hang out, forgetting to call your parents even for once in a week.

When you ignore strangers on your daily commute because you are busy reading

Your eyes, and particularly, your hearts are hungry of something to observe when it comes journeying. Notice strangers that come in and out of the bus or train that you take. Look at the way they dress, they talk to their friends or families, absorb everything that occur as you sit or stand in the bus of the train. These simple observations will do much to your brain and soul instead of keeping your eyes at your books.

When you start judging people solely based on reading experiences

Not all people like reading. Specifically, not all people love reading the books or the topics you are so fond of. But that doesn’t make them stupid compared to you. Surely, reading is the door to the world. It brings numerous benefits but it is not the only way that makes human beings happy, skilled, smart, wise and the list goes on.

If you like reading books or articles discussing heavy contents with all of your heart, not because praiseworthy then that’s so great. But that doesn’t make you have the right to turn a blind eye for those who love reading things that you think are lighter than your preference. If they are joyful with whichever topics they like, so what? After all, seeking pleasure, contentment through reading should be the foremost reason on why we read. If you don’t feel that way then why you keep doing what you do?

When you feel there are no other activities that satisfy your souls than reading

I find one phrase from Thought Catalog that I love so much: never put all your eggs into one basket! I believe that goes for any kind of the things that we do, including reading. I believe that each of us has some activities or likeness that brings us joy. That’s said, if you feel one activity bores you, there are another thing that you can do that will cheer your days up. I, for instance, love reading, watching football, listening to music, and sometimes redesigning my room. (the source of the picture:

I dedicate this post for myself.


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