‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’, the great losses

wuthering heights and jane eyre

thanks a lot to http://www.etsy.com for the picture

What great losses that I haven’t read ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ up till now and won’t probably read those in the short run. The titles have been universally-acclaimed as one of the best British novels ever written of all time and it’s too bad that I haven’t read them all until today.

I wish I didn’t watch ‘Jane Eyre’ the movie adaptation years ago. I wish I didn’t read and edit the summary of the ‘Wuthering Heights’ in Bahasa Indonesia taken from Wikipedia back then. But I did those all. The editing of the ‘Wuthering Heights’ was inevitable because the boss asked me to do so. I hadn’t had any chances to read the ‘Wuthering Heights’ prior to the task.

I can’t remember the time when my best friend Erwida Maulia lent the ‘Jane Eyre’ movie adaptation. I watched the movie and honestly I quite disliked it not because of the story lines but was more about the casts. Sorry I forgot the names of the casts but they were, in my opinion, ill-matched. I think they failed to have delivered the deep human values in the novel.

Given the bad movie experiences, I don’t have any intentions to read the book version. Despite the very well readers’ reviews on the book, I, up till now, have no desires to give it a try. The movie has completely ruined my yearning of reading the book.

My lecturer, Pak Djoko, for a few times mentioned how much he admires ‘Wuthering Heights’ other than ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. I don’t read the novel shortly after his confession but the title remains on the mind several years until I must edit the list of 100 greatest novels of all time. ‘Wuthering Heights’ is one of the titles. Automatically, I read the summary, characterizations, receptions and reasons that make it one of the best ever written. And oh I can’t stand feeling so gloomy after I complete reading it all. The piece in the Wikipedia is quite short and that makes the title really touches me until now.

The gloomy atmosphere by just reading the summary has caused me to not bother reading the book. The conclusion of the book has even made the novel even more ‘untouchable’. What I can learn from it is that self-pride, misunderstanding and social pressure can turn pure, beautiful thing called love into very destructive, that no one can ever feel happy as the story ends.


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