Four reasons why I don’t read e-books


paper books vs ebooks

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Are you like one of those who remain faithful reading paper books despite the fact that you can actually buy a Kindle, download e-books available for free in the internet? While the world gets more and more dependent upon technology, I and may be you remain closely attached with printed books instead of being glued at gadgets for reading.

While some may argue that I’m an old-fashioned reader, I personally have four reasons why I don’t e-books at least until now:

  1. Which one is more eyes-friendly?
    While scientists say reading on-screens do not necessarily cause eye strains, I myself find my eyes get more easily tired reading on-screens than reading actual books or papers particularly when the materials I currently read are hundreds of pages. If you have time to read information in this link:, you will find that e-books have display technologies that make them more friendly to the readers’ eyes. On the other hand, not all types of papers are good to the readers’ eyes. As I always attempt to nurture my mind and nourish my body, reading actual papers is the one that’s good for my health.
  2. Not easily get distracted
    Reading actual papers make my focus is solely on one thing: the book itself. Reading via screens make my fingers are so itchy to not open another websites or browse something. I also feel that reading actual papers as much as writing by hands helps me memorizing what I read and write better than if I read on screens or type.
  3. Something magical coming out from papers
    If you read the ‘About Me’ section in this blog, I put a quote that speaks so well about me: “Many people, myself among better, feel better at the mere sight of a book“. For me, even books exterior; cover designs, colors; look so magical, not to mention what I feel every time I open pages. And if the books are really great, closing their very last ones will leave me with mixed feelings; feeling joyful but sad at the same time.
  4. More proper treasures for my children
    What would my children say when one day they ask for my book collections and all I would give is Kindles or laptops? While some of you may not consider this as a trivial thing to be put in this list, I believe physical books are way more proper to be left as legacy than mere gadgets. Papers, if we can treat them well, will not be quickly faded away. Moreover, we can be more creative by rearranging bookshelves so as they can beautify our homes or rooms.

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