Happy 32nd birthday to myself, LOL!

foto buat blog khusus edisi ultah

The picture was taken on January 1, 2016, by my sister in Kemuning, a very greeny, peaceful area in my hometown of Karanganyar regency, Central Java.

Happy 32nd birthday to myself… Alhamdulillahirobbil’alamiiiiin. All praises are for Alloh swt, thank you ya Alloh swt for giving me the already 31 amazing, fantastic, awesome, adventurous, crazy, remarkable, outstanding, full-of-lessons life, haha! I can’t believe today is the first day of my 32nd year living this damn beautiful life. I can’t say enough thank yous to Alloh swt for everything that has happened in my life, really, I now learn that Alloh swt has given me only the good things. What I used to think as bad things are actually lessons for me to know myself better, to equip me with tools to face further problems in life. All the pains, tears, heartbreaks have cleaned my souls, cleared my eyes, for now I have better visions in life.

All the experiences so far amazingly have led me to learn myself faster, love myself even deeper, being thankful to myself even more sincere, appreciate each and every part of myself better, take care of myself even more.

Thank you Alloh swt for guiding me still to be a Moslem, for keeping me healthy, for giving me the best parents and sister in the whole world for me. My mother Sukirah Sati and my father Wagiman, who always have faith in me, teach me how to be responsible with every decision that I have made. My sister, Dwi Anggraini, who becomes my backbone, who loves me, who cares so much about me…

Thank you Alloh swt for giving the courage to live the life as I want it to be; to take the road less traveled, to experience each and every phase; childhood, teenage, college, working phase, with all of my heart and so much love. I am not rich, I have no cars and houses yet, small amount of savings but I am beyond joyful that in the past few years I have shared my income with my family and friends and extended family. Giving little money that I have for their joy has given me more satisfactions. Now I believe showing that I care, money for instance, for those who care about me, is the thing that makes my life way more meaningful and joyful.

Thank you Alloh swt for taking me to Sydney, meeting Alessandro Del Piero, watching Juventus, attending the Westlife concert, hugging Shane Filan, singing with him, and all the dreams from the past that eventually come true. I can’t believe them all! Ya Rabb, You are wayyyyy so very kind to me. And definitely, thank you ya Alloh swt for giving best friends who help me and stay right where they are. Some of them are my closest friends, I even learn valuable things from some of them. Even for people who underestimate me, thank you, too, for I now learn to love and appreciate myself even more. Because of them, I learn to protect my dignity and I won’t let anyone underestimate me anymore.

Thank you for making me a lifetime learner, that I still keen on learning and reading despite this 32 years-old, hehe! Thank you ya Alloh swt for giving me chances to work and do things that I love; reading and writing, that has enabled me making my ends meet. I am so fortunate. I  am so blessed, gifted. I am so honored. I am so special just like each and every being You have created in this planet.

Thank you so much ya Alloh swt that I still have some dreams to work on and I continue working on them. May all my wishes come true this year or if not then years to come, amiiiin ya robbal’alamiiiin.I hope You ya Alloh swt may grant my wishes, amiiiin ya robbal’alamiiiiin..

It’s brand new age, brand new year. Let’s fill it up with gratitude, positivism, lots and bunch of efforts to always stay happy, good vibes, and definitely laughter…. So hello 32! Let’s rock this age!

Ciputat, 15 January 2015
done composing this at 14:30 Indonesian Western Time

So much love for myself,

Eny Wulandari

*writing this piece of birthday post to help reminding myself in case I hit low points later on in my life*


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