How I pick most favorite novelists

What I choose is who I am. My earnest reasons of picking John Steinbeck and Thomas Hardy are because their writings, viewpoints reflect much of my own for either personal matters or general life. I want authors whose perspectives mirror mine; that they speak a lot about me and may be other readers, too. I simply choose favorite authors who can convey my thoughts and opinions about the world. I select writers whose personalities, traits are similar with mine. Simply put, I pick authors who can deliver my message about myself and my views about life.

And among a number of authors whose works I have read and whose biographies I have studied, John Steinbeck and Thomas Hardy are my currently most favorite authors. They share similar viewpoints that somehow resemble with my own.

  1. Both are realistic like I am
    I like the way both authors write much about public at that time. For Thomas Hardy, although he produces a lot of romance stories, he, too, emphasizes on society when which his stories are composed. Class division, public’ view about religion, poorness greatly influence story lines. As a matter of fact, public plays a very important role in the fate of the major characters. While for John Steinbeck, as he lives in much more modern era than Thomas Hardy, gives critics about people at that time in more various ways. For instance, he touches labor issues, poverty in Great Depression,  American Dream, and the like. This kind of issues have been and always interest me so much. I myself prefer like reading realistic-related books to fantasy or mere romance because we are social beings. The way we act is never original. We absorb what our surroundings have in store. We can’t decide and do what we always wish to do.
  2. Plain finale
    In relation to the realistic point of views, they choose to end their masterpieces on plain, depressing, sad, gloomy tones. They rarely close their stories in overjoyed mode. May be some of them are actually happy ending but not overly one. They tend to be concrete, the characters they have crafted can’t solely do what like. Society shape them, force them not to be who they are. I remember one of the most saddest ending of John Steinbeck’s novel is ‘Tortilla Flat.’ What makes me feel so desolate is imagining the late Danny’s friends; Pilon, Pablo, Jesus Maria, and Big Joe Portagee, can’t attend their mate funeral because they are afraid their poorness may taint the image of Danny. The funeral itself is held luxuriously and they can only watch the process from afar. So, what do they relate with me? Well, I am easily moved by surroundings. The more I live, the more I know that happiness is all about contentment and not every one, well as a matter of fact, most people have their own problems which make them unhappy sometimes. Learning more and more about this makes me easily becoming melancholic. I don’t know what makes it different between being realistic and being pessimistic, may be I am torn between the two. All I wanna say here is that all my mixed feelings are best portrayed by these authors. Life is not all about joy, in reality our lives is about being contented whatever lives throw at us.
  3. Indescribable clicks about way of writings, languages
    I think I have said about this point many, many times before and I still find it lacking,LOL. I really, really love the ways they craft their stories. The way of showing not telling, putting bunch of descriptions with beautiful languages completely make me head over heels. Their very superb, outstanding method of writing somehow ‘click’ with my taste. I wish I could write like them one day.

    Thomas Hardy and John Steinbeck thank you for ‘voicing’ my personalities and my views about life. Thank you for your wonderful languages that feel my heart with indescribable enjoyment.


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