Reading and Introversion

Do you agree with me that reading is likely associated with introverted people? Well, I do because I feel that way. Reading has been my escape for so many years. Through reading, I feel relaxed. Reading encourages me to write. I always feel better after writing. While reading is getting inside other people’ minds, writing channels my emotion. I am an introverted person. I find it difficult to share my feelings to others, except for a few best friends whom are by my side for many years.

Even so, I prefer texting or sending emails whenever I want to say something personal. The reason is simple; I feel that writing is the best communication mode for a person like me. Oftentimes, I can’t say as lot as I write whenever we meet. I feel so ashamed whenever I have to say something private or important. But the case doesn’t apply for writing. I can tell bunch of stories by writing. Sometimes after I finish writing something whether they are published in this blog or not, I am so amazed to have known that I can write that much. I could have never done that by speaking!

Reading and writing has been my friends ever since my mother successfully taught me how to read when I was 7 or 8 years old. A little bit too late, LOL but never mind because these activities have greatly led me achieving most of my dreams, bringing where I am today. One of my former teachers when I worked as a journalist told me that you have to read more if you want to write better. I couldn’t agree more with his statements.

Reading and writing are inseparable. The latter can not live without the former. And you know what? In the smartphone era where people easily get news or read something via screens, I am proud of myself for retaining my hobby of reading physical books. Call me a conventional reader but reading physical books at the palms of my hands feels magical. There is an indescribable sensation that can’t be put into words, the kind of soothing, calm feelings that I can’t ever experience when I read online articles, even e-books. The art of deep reading, for me, can only be obtained by reading physical books. I can better put my whole self into physical books compared to e-books.

Being an introverted, bookworm like me sometimes feels like going against the tide. It’s not an easy thing to say few words in the era where modern people celebrate extroversion, freedom of expression. Sometimes, I feel like people underestimate my capability just because I don’t speak much. This happened when I firstly worked professionally. I was unfairly treated. But precious lessons are learned in the hardest way.

Did I change my personality then because of the bad experiences? Nope. I maintain the way I am. Instead, I become more guarded. I love myself even more. What I change a little bit about myself is that I become more open-minded because I have to survive in a big city, like Jakarta. I get firmer. I no longer afraid saying ‘no’ to something that I do not want to do. And consistently doing this is a quite hard journey because people may think me as a shy, boring person. Unsociable. But since some bitter experiences that I underwent, I have promised to myself to put myself forward more than anyone else so I have to take all consequences. Sometimes, not all people will love what I do or say but it still feels better to let people down than I have to feel sorry for myself. A very though stance but it is so worth it. It always is.





3 thoughts on “Reading and Introversion

  1. Reading is definitely an introverted activity. You can’t do it with people.

    Text communication is easier for some because it isn’t immediate. It removes the information of body langauge, voice tone and so forth. You have time to think about your words, go over them and rephrase. You can also directly quote. I’m not say one is better. There is warmth and unique quirks to face-to-face conversations, but text communication is also very helpful

  2. I love your take on this. It is truly amazing to read about other people who I can wholly relate to! Keep it up! ❤️ I agree with you!

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