Creative writing, mood and consistency

If you have spare time please take a look at this website This is where I and my 10 fellows currently work on. We develop a social media that inspires people, especially Indonesians, to make use of their time in social media websites for creating, sharing something beneficial and creative.

No, I won’t promote this web in this blog other than just that. So, my daily tasks is keeping our social media alive, posting creative posts about what we do, making profile of unique members, promoting the website and selecting best stories and best graphics twice per week.

In conclusion, my current job is all about creativity, no longer about news translation and editing, which I think is more challenging. While inspirations are abundance, not all of them are interesting. Or not all of those ideas can be executed. Writing about simple stuff, for me, is somehow more difficult.

In addition, I still feel writing has something to do with mood. While some say consistency, practice are all that we need to get all the writings done but oftentimes I need to be in a good mood to write. This is the reason I am as not productive as I want myself to be. And when I am really in a good mood I can quickly get good ideas.

I haven’t be able to make creative writings as a daily duty despite I love this activity a lot. I still consider this as a hobby. As such, making this hobby as an obligation feels weird. That is why I make posts about once per two days or once per three days in order not to bore me. I have to be excited while doing that because if I am not, the writing will be flat, news-kind-of posts.

Blessed those who are always happy in writing novels or composing what they love on a daily basis. Salute to those who can feel no pressures when making their hobbies as daily professions. I am on my way there.



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