Taking a novel reading break

How are you my fellow bloggers? Oh, well, looking at the last post in this blog, I didn’t update it for about two months. Phew…

So, where did I go during the time? Hmm.. Let me recall the days.

I was concentrating my thoughts on this website www.Inspirasi.co with my co-workers. This website is our main product where you can write, post pictures, upload videos, share audios and collaborate. Mostly are in Bahasa Indonesia. Only a very few of the articles are in English language but just in case, you’d like to drop by..

I have been taking a break from reading Bleak House. The book captures very interesting stories about social condition in London when industry revolution strikes England. Although the core of the story lies on heritage but to a larger extent, the novel is so rich.

Somehow, Charles Dickens’ way of writing doesn’t attract me anymore. Too many ideas within a few pages. I can’t really get into the traits of the major characters. Probably, this is a subjective issue for I prefer reading books by Thomas Hardy.

I will probably resume reading the novel after July or I think I need an ice breaker, a short, lighter novel or may be a magazine to just rekindle the spirit within me to read classic books again. We’ll see…



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