Can’t believe I read Austen’s Emma and I loooove it!

jane austen

About two years ago, I wrote this.

But now, I am really into Jane Austen’s Emma and man! I really love this book! As much as it’s hard to put it down. It has become my companion during daily commutes, both in train and public minivan. Whenever I have spare time, no matter how little it is, I resume reading the book.

I don’t know how I started liking reading Austen’s novels somehow. I used to hate the ways she tells stories. The telling-not-describing-kind-of-thing. For my favorite and my benchmark is Thomas Hardy’s writing style; descriptive and imaginative.

I guess it all started when I began reading the novels by Anne Bronte. Her writing style, which is the telling-kind-of-way, has opened up not only to reading books by Austen but also by Charles Dickens. Though I don’t really like the writing style of Bronte, Austen and Dickens, their works impress me so much in other areas. In another word, the three have strenghts that make their books outstanding, stealing my hearts away.

Take Emma as the instance. I really enjoy reading this book because it’s very comical. It is very well-written despite fair writing style and language. Yet the plot of the book runs very smooth, even I can feel the politeness of the characters in dialogues!

The way Austen portrays the condition of the people at that time is completely alive. I am so fond of Emma Woodhouse. She is a badass at that time, hoho! Each time she converses with Mr. Knightley I can’t help feeling intrigued. Because only him who can make Emma seems stupid, LOL!

This novel is by all means is all about the comedy of manners from all characters in the book. I can totally laugh at their nonsense at some points, like when Mr. Frank Churchill goes to London just to cut his hair short!

I haven’t finished reading it by the way. I just wanted to share how happy I am reading this novel. Oh, Austen is such an entertainer. I’ll update this blog with more stuff next, probably about the seriousness of the book. In the meantime, let’s flip the pages again!

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