“Emma” by Jane Austen

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For Emma Woodhouse, her entire life is all about caring the people who are very dear to her heart. After her mother passes away and her sole sister, Isabella, marries to Mr. John Knightley, Emma focuses her life taking care of her father, Mr. Henry Woodhouse and her governess, Miss Anne Taylor. Given her situation as ‘the only child’ in the house for Isabella leaves the residence, Emma grows up as a blunt, sometimes selfish, independent woman. She is also very smart.

Miss Anne Taylor gets along with her very well, much like a friend instead of a governess. Things turn a bit sour for Emma when Miss Anne Taylor marries with Mr. Weston partly thanks to Emma’s matchmaking plans. At one point, Emma is joyful that her former governess is now happy as the wife of a respectable man like Mr. Weston. But on the other hand, she and her father feel lonesome. They miss her in their house again for Mrs. Weston is like part of the family.

As such, when Emma meets Harriet Smith, a 17-year old, unspoiled, kind-hearted girl, her heart melts. Emma loves her from the start and she wants the best for her, including in terms of Harriet’s love life. The successful matchmaking story between Mr.and Mrs. Weston inspires Emma to do the same thing for Harriet.

Philip Elton is the targeted man for Harriet, Emma says to herself. He is a fine, good-looking, rich young man, about 27 years old. Harriet would be a perfect match for him and the other way around. And so Emma starts encouraging her friend to consider developing special feeling to Mr. Elton. While on the way of working this out, Emma is astonished to have known that Mr. Robert Martin proposes Harriet. Emma doesn’t bluntly oppose the marriage proposal but as the back of her mind wants her friend to marry Mr. Elton, Emma opts neutral, leaving Harriet to take her decision. Emma says Harriet should be her own best judge.

Harriet, who is just 17 when at the start of the novel, says ‘no’ although truth to be told, she is a little bit unsure of that. On the plans Emma putting into work, Mr. George Knightley, the brother of Mr. John Knightley, warns her that Mr. Elton actually likes Emma, not Harriet. Emma despises the opinion, resume the plan of uniting Harriet and Mr. Elton. Things go smoothly until Mr. Elton confesses to her that his feeling is for Emma. Harriet is mere a friend to him.

Emma despises him then feeling guilty of Harriet. She believes she plays a part on her brokenheartedness.  Harriet is such a loving person, fortunately, that she slowly heals from the pain without any slightest suspicions that Mr. Elton has a crush on Emma.

While Harriet is on the process of moving on from Mr. Elton, something shocks Emma; Mr. Elton is bound to get married! In just few weeks after Emma rejects his love. He marries to Augusta Elton, whom Emma judges as finical woman who seems to know everything. Although at first Harriet is sad, she quickly moves on from Mr. Elton.

While Mrs. Elton is busy introducing herself to the public, one of which is by setting up gatherings, here comes the much-awaited gentleman: Frank Churchill, the son of Mr. Weston but carries the name of his uncle’s family who doesn’t have any children.

For Emma, Frank infrequently visits his family in Randall because of his ill-tempered aunt. But this makes no sense for Mr. George Knightley who believes it is Frank who can’t make up my mind. He is old enough to determine whether or not he is supposed to make time for his father and step mother.

Emma and Frank gets closer quickly. Emma falls in love with his good-looking, easy going personality. They can communicate very well. On the other hand, Mr. and Mrs. Weston does wish they both get married someday.

It seems that Emma leaves Harriet when Jane Fairfax visits her aunt, Mrs. Bates and Miss Bates. Jane gets a permission from the Campbells who adopts her when she was young. Jane stays for a little while with the family of her late mother. There, Emma recalls the days when she envies her for she is beautiful and smart. In between her schedules to get closer to Jane as the former realizes she no longer envies the latter and Frank, Harriet occasionaly appears.

Mr. George Knightley always what lies behind closed door. He suspects Frank and Jane have secrets that no one knows, a prejudice that meets opposition from Emma. Emma, on the other hand, continue develops feeling for Frank. Once she gets her heart broken when she feels something romantic is going on between Frank and Harriet. Though Emma feels sorrowful she supports the scheme anyway for she knows Harriet is a devoted woman, she is nothing as compared to her friend.

Emma starts encouraging Harriet to have feelings for Frank. As this begin rolling on, Emma finds herself get even closer to Frank. But this doesn’t last for too long. Some occasions make Emma starts disliking him because of his unlikely manner. For instance, Emma can’t believe how Frank behaves so unfavorable after arriving to a gathering after a very hot journey. He curses, he acts so childish.

While Emma begins distancing herself from Frank, she expects Harriet likes Mr. George Knightley after watching the two walking closer together. To this, Harriet agrees. Somehow, Emma feels something uncomfortable happening inside of her heart when Mr. George Knightley bids farewell.

From that moment on, Emma is certain she likes Mr. George Knightley. She, again, is so down knowing that Harriet is fond of him, too.

Jane is unwell. Emma visits her but to no avail. Jane rejects her coming and presents. With the help of Mrs. Elton, Jane is about to be a governess. Something that quite shocks Emma. Another news that shocks her as well is when Mrs. Weston informs her that Frank and Jane are engaged!

Emma is surprised by the news but she is no sad at all. She tells the Westons that she is no longer love Frank a few months before the information comes up. In short, the Westons finally accept Jane.

Emma sends Harriet to her sister so that she can be alone with her thoughts about Mr. George Knightley. It is known that he has loved her since Emma was 13 years old. It doesn’t take a long time to get everything’s settled. The problem is on Emma’s father who wishes Emma won’t get married as he doesn’t want to be left alone.

As this is resolved at the end, Mr. George Knightley brings news that Harriet is going to get married to Mr. Robert Martin. Emma and Harriet eventually reconcile. They marry the men whom they admire and feel comfortable with, respectively.

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