Summary of ‘Wuthering Heights’


Mr. Lockwood meets Heathcliff in relation to the former status as the tenant of Trushcross Grange belonging to the latter. Heathcliff is the kind of figure that sparks curiosity in Mr. Lockwood’s mind; smart, kind but coarse. The strange facts about the family makes him even more curious.

When he reaches the residence he rents from Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff’s house, Mr. Lockwood digs deep about the history of the family from the caretaker of Trushcross Grange, Ellen or Nelly Dean. The rest of the book is stated by this faithful servant:

Mr. Earnshaw leads a joyful family life. He has two kids; Hindley and Catherine Earnshaw, and a good wife; Mrs. Earnshaw. Once he has to depart for London for business affairs and will back at home a few days later. His two children don’t mind seeing him off briefly but begs him bringing back home desired presents.

Nelly is already the servant of the family. As she is about as young as Hindley and Cathy, the three go along well. The night comes when their father comes back home. Much to their surprise, Mr. Earnshaw isn’t alone.

He carries a boy, much of the same age as Cathy, along with him. He seems neglected, messy. Mr. Earnshaw tells that he finds him on the street. Heathcliff as his name is. Both Hindley and Cathy despises him at first. They bully and make fun of him. As hard as Mr. Earnshaw tries to calm them down, the siblings keep humiliating Heathcliff.

The orphan, on the other hand, doesn’t bite back. He stands silent. As days go by, Cathy becomes calmer. She and Heathcliff sooner becomes unseparated. But not for Hindley. His fury becomes more and more unbearable that once Heathcliff can’t take it anymore especially after the passing of Mrs. Earnshaw. They fight that later pushes Hindley leaving the home.

During the absense of Hindley, Cathy and Heathcliff is like a copy-cat, one cannot stand without the other. Cathy become as rebellious as her soulmate. She becomes uncontrollled, tomboy girl, the fact that bothers much Mr. Earnshaw who grows older and more puzzled as his business starts failing.

Mr. Earnshaw’s health gets worse. He becomes more sober until he dies on his arm chairs with Cathy kneeling down while holding his hands. The words he speak are his concerns on Cathy’s manly attitude which according to the girl, isn’t as much maddening as her father should think of.

Cathy and Heathcliff don’t scream on the death but rather the two little souls hug and comfort each other. According to Nelly, that is the most touching scene she has ever seen children could have responded on the death of such a loving father as Mr. Earnshaw.

Hindley returns home after three years away from Wuthering Heights. He gets back at the home for the funeral of his father. He is not alone though. He brings along Mrs. Hindley, a nice woman whom he marries while he is away.

As Hindley takes care the entire business of his late father, the bond between Heathcliff and Cathy starts tumbling down, physically. After the incident of coming into the house of the Linton family, Hindley sends his sister back at the family for manner and ethic lessons. When she returns home, Cathy becomes a well-mannered, beautiful young girl as she should be. Meanwhile, Heathcliff is treated like a servant. He is no longer at the main house. He becomes wilder and more sensitive especially as Cathy is away at the Linton family for about one month.

Hindley also attempts to separate his sister from Heathcliff by forbidding Heathcliff approaching her. Though this successfully sets the two apart their connections remain strong. There comes one night that changes it all. Cathy tells Nelly that Edgar Linton proposes her. Despite her confession that she loves Heathcliff, Cathy decides to just go with the wedding proposal for the sake of Heathcliff future.

She has no ideas that Heathcliff happens to hear it all. He leaves Wuthering Heights, leaving Cathy so heartbroken because she wants to explain it all to him.

Cathy finally weds Edgar. She moves to Trushcross Grange and they live like joyful couples. Until one day, Heathcliff comes back. He wishes to meet Cathy. He has changed into a settled, clean man. Nelly is surprised to meet him that way plus Heathcliff is back again in Wuthering Heights.

In short, Heathcliff tries to approach Cathy despite her marriage status and of course opposition from Edgar as her husband. While things don’t work out as smoothly as he expects, Isabella has a huge crush on Heathcliff.

The two gets married although this is against Edgar’s wishes. Isabella elopes with Heathcliff and she is now at the Wuthering Heights. She gets immediately frustrated with Heathcliff’s coarse behaviours. She has no companies, she has to do all on her own. She can get along with Hindley, at least, who turns a heavy drunkard. He cares so little about his son, Hareton, who is slowly more into Heathcliff not his own father.

On the other hand, Cathy’s health starts deterioting. She becomes easily irritated, making Edgar furious. She starts hallucinating too after the wedding of Isabella and Heathcliff. Just when she gets a little better, Heathcliff comes along, again and again. This time around he is able to get into the house after threatening Nelly.

So after a few years, the two eventually declares their love for one another. In such limited time, Cathy says what she feels for so many years while Heathcliff can only feel sorry why she acts such way. She destroys their love, according to Heathcliff. In such very emotional moment, they reconcile. So brief yet so relieving. While their super short sweet reunion is almost over, Edgar comes back home.

He finds Cathy falls ill so bad. Not long after that she passes away peacefully. There is a daughter coming out from her womb. Heathcliff who stays outside the residence of Truscross Grange turns like a maniac upon hearing the death of his eternal lover. He attempts to torment himself yet he decides he still want to be alive.

Cathy is buried without her brother or Isabella attending the funeral. Such is the close of the first generation of the Earnshaw and the Linton families.

After hard struggles, Isabella can leave Wuthering Heights. She escapes then gives birth to Linton, a smart yet physically weak boy. After Isabella passes away, Edgar takes Linton back to Truscross Grange but for very short moment for his father takes him to Wuthering Heights.

Linton grows poorly physically and emotionally. He wants people to pity him, particularly little Cathy. Although yes, he loves her and the other way around, Linton becomes so dependable. He and Cathy get married she falls into his ‘trap.’ Right after their wedding, Edgar dies. Truscross Grange falls to the hands of Heathcliff.

Cathy becomes a prisoner of her home in Wuthering Heights as Heathcliff doesn’t want any servants to help her while Linton remains indecisive. He grows more and more ill. Heathcliff doesn’t care about his own son at all until Linton dies young.

Slowly but surely, Hareton becomes more educated. He now can read and speak politely. While things get better for both of them, Heathcliff starts acting weird, becoming more and more distant. He starts hallucinating about Catherine, wearing white gown showing up in all of the rooms in Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff declines eating. He becomes restless. He passes away all alone after he locks himself in a room. It is Nelly who finds him lying lifeless in his bed. Hareton becomes the only person who completely mourns Heathcliff’s death.

After the death, the main part of Wuthering Heights is left vacant while servants occupy minor space of the residence. Cathy and Hareton gets married then live in Truscross Grange.

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