Five benefits of reading long novels you probably don’t notice


I prefer reading thick books to short stories. As long as the books are good, the longer they are the better. As such, I have to carefully select which books I am going to read. The process can be as tricky and nonsense as in this post.

But if I get good, even great books, I can’t tell you how merry my heart will be. The romance between I and the books are on. The joy of reading fantastic books is having a lot of time to enjoy, learn, and simply be in the books. I can understand each and every character, even relate their traits with mine. Not only that. The plots, the conflicts face me with new viewpoints, different perspectives.

After a number of years opting to read long books instead of short stories, I get surprised by how much the preference help me becoming a more grounded person. This can be broken into these points:

  1. Becoming more understandable

The more I read diverse characters, some are even so ugly, the more I shield away from judging persons, be they good or bad. I learn not all coarse people are completely bad. Their past experiences, family issues contribute much to what they are in the books. Not all protagonists are angels, too. They make stupid mistakes. They can be stubborn, hurt the ones they love with or without their intentions. Reading long novels provide me with so much chances to learn each character as simply human being who are meant to make mistakes then learn from them. And oh I pity very cruel character, like Heathcliff. Those who are very hard at hearts are usually the ones who need love at the most.

2. Becoming more patient

I have found this benefit lately; patience. When I have good books at the palm of my hands, I completely get into them that I don’t realize how time flies by so fast. I don’t pay any attention that I have to be very patient to digest that 300 or even 600 pages long. All I care is reading page per page, enjoying what the author say in it. I am not very sure that my patience, some friends of mine say that I am a patient person, is partly because of this habit. I can’t judge myself. I let others say so.

3. Becoming more skilled to enjoy stillness

Again, I am not very certain that reading long books contribute much to my skills in dealing with solitude. That’s may be true since reading makes me just facing hundreds of papers. I make good friends with the dead objects. I learn the art of becoming my own company. Each time I find vacant moments, just grab books or read online articles.

4. Becoming okay in what others may perceive as ‘boring’ activity

Like point number 2, I have recently come across someone’s opinion who said reading is boring. Well, I can’t deny that opinion. On the surface, readers face hundreds of pages containing words, words and more words. It’s amazing to think that beyond the books, whatever the titles are, unbelievable trips await readers. We are transported into unknown worlds at different times and spaces. We have our own trips at the back of our minds. Others may say that’s boring but for us, what we feel each time we glue at our novels is full of adventures.

5. Becoming much more imaginative

I never believed I was a creative person until I read a lot. Reading opens up my mind like I never thought it could be. Enjoying books written in foreign language challenges me even much harder but it is so worth it for my brain does exercises at its best. My mind works hard picturing what these characters look like in real lives. When you are provided with descriptions you will automatically try to picture them in your minds; rounded-face, blue big eyes, curly hair, etc.

Talking about scenery, social life as the backgrounds of the books is advanced thing. I can’t believe there are so many things that I can learn from just one book, thick or thin. You are free to imagine everything. Your imaginations can be as wild as you want them to be. Again, reading is a mind adventure, and isn’t that more than enough to say readers have so much fun doing this hobby?

The picture is taken from this. Thanks for providing it.





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