On the word ‘effortless’


Lately, I have been trying to be effortless. In job, romance, hobby. I have been trying to work, love and write effortlessly by… attempting to do those things more often that I used to be. Strange, huh?

I just find this recipe after I practice more than ever before. The less I practice the harder it gets. The more I try the lighter it becomes. To put it simply, if I don’t write as often as I can.. if I don’t try liking my job and if I don’t open my heart open, I’ll be lazy to better my life in those aspects. Making them all as part of my daily routine is like embracing them into my life. It’s like when I don’t do that, my life will lose some parts of its existence.

I don’t know exactly how I try to be effortless by doing a lot of efforts. See the point here? All I know and feel is that the more I do things, particularly that I am really into it, I become a good friend of it, that I and whatever I love doing is inseparable. Sometimes, I force myself to write, read, and do the job that I don’t actually love, just to keep the laziness away. Except for the job part which is definitely because of money.

The thing about loving something or someone is that it fuels my energy. I have to work hard to improve my skills on them even when days are rough or the weather is rainy. Living knowing what you love to do is exciting but sometimes tiring. If I stop writing or reading, I’ll be dying inside. So I have to do those things even my brain gets stuck or has no good ideas. Doing them as often as I can makes it becomes effortless. I just do those things. Automatically.

One of my most favorite bloggers, Brianna Wiest, writes that doing effortless things most likely align with our true identity. I couldn’t agree more on this though I am not really sure writing and reading show me who am I because I also love sports and history. Too narrow to attach ourselves with what we do, actually.

Apart from that, doing things effortlessly has been my great goal recently because this makes me easier doing those thing. The outcomes, articles in this instance, contain less jumbled sentences, easier to read (hopefully). I don’t have to force my brain to work harder if the process is effortless. And most importantly, my heart doesn’t beg me to stop writing or reading because it gets used to it, it starts loving the whole process. It comes from the heart. That what makes it so genuine and different than when I write under stress or obligations.

I can sum it all that doing effortless things take many huge and consistent efforts until they become ingrained in your daily life that you can’t live without doing them all. The result is crazy; it flows though your heart, it speaks your soul, it makes you feeling contented as you read or review it over and over again.

The picture is taken from this.


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