Reading Challenge Is Too Much For Me. Here Is Why


I have not taken any reading challenges and I won’t make any plans of taking any challenges related to reading in the near future because I think that is too much for a reader like me. Here are the reasons:

I am a lazy reader by number of books read within a year

Seriously, I probably read less than 10 books this whole year. Not every month is filled up with a new book title. Not every day is spent by reading novels. My weekends are not currently sitting down on a mattress reading books. If judging someone’s bookworm status is by counting how many books he or she reads then categorizing them so under certain amounts, I may not be one of them.

But I fill up my hours reading though not all of them are books

I am highly helped by my current job tasks which are about editing and writing so my whole days are all about reading and writing, translating and definitely editing people’ stories. I read so many online articles on screens, both in the computer and smartphones. I read various topics, ranging from self-development, positive psychology, history or about books itself. I can call myself a productive reader, the one who constantly learns by reading every day, but my reading activity is no longer about novels that are in the currently-reading list.

Because I am so easily distracted, making me harder to focus on just one novel

I was born a very curious person. I can so easily distracted by articles about new themes or on topics that interest me in particular. Take example, I love BBC sections on Travels and Books. Writings about the changing of modern people’ lives also catch my attention. This makes me taking a longer time completing a novel.

If you put specific target dates before you actually read novels that may reduce the enjoyment

Because you may put more attention on how you will finish reading this book by this certain date than how you can really savor it. You may be stressed out if you don’t read this many pages by this day or by this date. I always believe reading should be a pleasant experience, the sort of activity that brings me peace and calmness because I am in an adventure. Reading should be a gateway from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. And I don’t wanna do it in a rush. If I can complete reading books in mere days or weeks that is more because they are so good that makes me wanting to finish reading them as soon as possible.  I will force myself to finish reading books that haven’t been untouched for many weeks or months. That’s more challenging I think.

Thank you so much for providing this Rory Gilmore reading a book picture.


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