Setting A Very Ambitious Reading Goal This Year


I’d love to break one of my bad habits more seriously this year. It’s called multitasking that happens in almost all aspects in my life, reading is no exception. This has been ongoing for a few years, the last two years have been very intensive after I bought a smartphone. I have spent countless hours looking at the gadget surfing on the internet even during daily commute. Prior to that, I chose reading novels.

I hate to acknowledge this but it has been such a whirlwind how owning the smartphone has changed the way I have lived since 2015. Double-edged sword, people say. On one side, I feel happy that I have friends everywhere I go because I can chat with them via WhatsApp or LINE. I can just click links leading to the online articles that I love most.

But on the other hand, this habit has drained my energy. This has caused me spending more time reading articles on themes that I have actually known well; happiness, relationship, self-development, self-confidence, and the like. These are the types of writings that soothe my emotions whenever I am at the low points in my life. I have been actually enjoying how different writers use different approaches when dealing with the themes. That’s it all. In terms of substance, each and every writer speaks almost the same idea.

Without reducing my thanks to these authors, I wish I can lessen the amount of time reading their words this year then getting back on physical books. I need to return to the place where I belong, which is classic novels and if possible, reaching books from different era. I need reading books that enrich me with imaginary people, places that can bring me a lot of lessons of life or may be for mere entertainment.

I think it is enough to feed my mind with psychological readings, which I also call this as a ‘practice period’. Now, it is time to get more ‘exercises’ by enjoying novels. This is harder than completing books I am not actually into.

Because breaking bad habits requires me to be consistent and keep fighting against feeling uncomfortable. Opposing the call to read online articles or check out my social media accounts is very challenging. It’s like choosing to step away from a cheerful crowd then stick to your me-time when you know you need the latter most.

But I have to do this for the sake of my brain. I have to do this if I wish I can write a book one day. I have to do this to keep expanding my reading knowledge. I have to do this because I admit I got very little from reading physical books last year. So little and it has to be better this time around.

Wish me luck guys!

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