The joy in reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Treasure of Franchard”


‘The treasure of Franchard’ is like a kick in the ass in the short story collection by Robert Louis Stevenson that I bought last year. It is almost like saving the fun thing for last. This title is the last one in the collection edition.

So far, I looove it. I have been having fun reading the story so far. As far as I have read, the story is simple, funny, witty and ironical. I laugh at some parts of the story. I am so happy reading it because it has delighted me over the past few days. It has been the best companion during my daily commute.

The author’s writing style is damn fantastic, as usual. What makes the story even cooler is because it sets in a hamlet in France with lots of natural descriptions. My imagination has been working at its best enjoying his words.

Stevenson introduces me to fictitious characters whom have entertained me so much in the story. I feel like they speak so closely about people in general. First, there is this boy, Jean-Marie, an orphan who used to steal stuff before he is taken by a mountebank whom the kind dislikes so much. This boy is just like kids are, honest, straight-forwarded one.

Then, he is adopted by Doctor Desprez, a Frenchman who gives up his glamorous life in Paris for the sake of his beloved wife, Anastasie. They live peacefully in the small village. The doctor gains respect from the people and can resume his research. Anastasie can get along with people, especially women in the neighborhood, well. Their life is perfect before the educated man meets Jean-Marie.

The doctor insists on taking the boy into the family as his son although his wife is against the idea. Up to this, I still get confused on why the doctor adopts him because he looks like he detests Jean-Marie because of his honesty, such as when he says the doctor’s voice is awful. But the doctor says he does so because he has got ‘the call’.

The doctor seems a bit disappointed after he later learns that Jean-Marie is not as bright as he used to think. He is a slow learner. But he keeps liking him because I feel what he really seeks is someone who want to listen to what he says and gives critics if Jean-Marie wishes although the doctor occasionally takes the kid’s honesty too far into the latter heart.

On the other hand, Anastasie, whom previously admits she will dislike the boy, gets closer with him gradually. But the way she caresses him is not genuine. It feels like she makes fun of Jean-Marie’s stupidity.

I have yet finish reading the story.

Up to this, I feel pity to the doctor and his wife. They are complicated human beings. That what makes it so interesting for me. And I can’t wait to finish them soon so that I can seek for new novels.  I already have some titles in my head. Not long till I can head to the bookstore. Nothing excites me than bookshopping when it comes to spending money on goods, LOL!

Thank you for providing the picture.


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