Still getting addicted to self-help articles


Do you guys love reading self-help books or articles? I have been enjoying, again, writings about self-help and self-development these past two years thanks to Thought Catalog. I don’t know exactly what makes this type of article so widely-read until now. I mean you should know what makes you happy on your own, right? Because I and you are completely different human being.

What makes you joyful won’t make me feel the same way as you do. I believe, too, the way you climb out success or how you cope heartbroken will be different with my methods. Personal backgrounds, family issues, education, friends who surround us shape what each and every of us to what we are today.

There are silver linings though, yes I know. I am sure you guys understand. When I am at my sarcastic mood, I will say this is all about making happiness as a huge business. Selling happiness, you may call it so. But when I am in at the low point of my life or in a positive mode, the articles help me much.

The truth about reading these articles is that they get you feeling mixed up. Sometimes, I feel they are trivial, unimportant. Like, writing about what makes you confident, yeah right! No matter how various each and every writer is, most of their voices speak the similar things.

On the other hand, I occasionally am astonished by how amazing their writing skills are. How creative they are making stories coming from very simple ideas. They way they craft words mesmerize my mind. Reading their stories invite me to absorb how complicated or simple or grand each and every author is about life, love or human.

Writing about emotion, human growth, relationships is so-so, sometimes it looks cheesy, but occasionally it feels challenging, at least in the eyes of readers, like I. You have to observe human beings very well, put your shoes in theirs, or you have to have the guts to share what you have been through before producing articles or advice that will get to the peoples’ hearts.

Actually, reading this kind of articles is what makes me spending more time than reading novels or fictions. At certain times, reading this type of articles assist me much in getting my emotion back at positivism, reminding myself to be grounded and grateful, pushing myself to move past my comfort zone. But sometimes, I read this type of articles a bit too much. This activity sometimes consumes my time.

I hope I can reduce the amount of time reading this kind of writings this year then turning to novels as usual. I hope this works well for me. Wish me luck friends!

 Thanks for providing this picture.


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