The boring secret of getting ideas


“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

Those are one of my favorite quotes from John Steinbeck, one the writers that I admire the most. I can’t agree more.

One of the hardest thing working in a creative industry is how the hell am I gonna get good ideas. The word ‘creative’ itself is like a two-sided coin. On one side, it is an honor for me working in this field. In a fast-changing world like nowadays, if you want to survive, you have to be creative. You have to work smarter than most of your peers. You have to think outside the box, so as many modern people say. Working in this sector is thrilling, challenging.. making me part of this world, which moves so fast, busy, hectic.

Especially I also have to deal with social media era where people can speak up whenever they want. Problems, social phenomenons come and go in a matter of days. So being a part of this industry encourages me to think and behave in line with what happens everyday. This makes me living as a youngster despite my current age.

Being a creative industry laborer means I have to work in different patterns compared to most of my friends’.

While for those who work as civil servants or in administrative offices doing their jobs from this task to other tasks under certain requirements, my work patterns can tell different stories.

Because as a matter of fact, ideas are the core of all. And to get good or even great ideas, most often I don’t have to think hard, or force myself thinking hard. I almost always find the ideas when I slow myself down, take a good time for relaxing and such.

Since I mostly write, translate and edit on a daily basis, my best tool to ignite ideas is by reading. Reading and writing are two things that I really love since the day my other has successfully taught me how to read well. I love you mom for making me able to read!

The mystery of discovering ideas, let us separate them from good, bad or average, is simply practising often and more often. In my theory, I read a lot. Sometimes I read just a little. I read articles that sometimes don’t directly relate to my job, that is about books, literature or creative world or politic or fiction.

Believe me or not, I read a lot of sources about self-development, psychology and motivation. If you ask me why do I read things that don’t correlate with my jobs? Then, I simply say because the words in the articles are artsy. See, artsy, LOL!

The way the writers say what they want to say is amazing. The way they present their ideas is what makes me gluing at the computer of smartphone reading their words. I steal from them about this, on how to craft their ideas.

I learn how they think. I learn how I can be consistent with what I do despite the fact this blog hasn’t earned me any rupiahs or something worthy of money.

On a day-to-day basis, reading articles about personal development is quick and easy. On the longer term, I have a good book by my side. Through reading this novel I don’t only absorb ideas contained in the book but also I am channeled to other ideas while enjoying the book.

For instance, when I read Olalla my mind races back in times when I studied about Gothic literature at the university. That is how one idea can lead me to another one.  And for me, that is so wonderful, on how things can coexist, that on the long journey that you take you meet this person on this route then you meet another individual when the trip goes on further. Much to your surprise, the two strangers that you meet en route know each other.

That is the secret of getting ideas. By working, practicing, reading even when things get boring. Keep enjoying words that don’t necessarily relate to your jobs or favorite fields of study. Keep doing that things because you’ll be amazed how your brain suddenly lights up with new ideas you have no clues where do they come up from.

Your brain is a really fantastic tool that Alloh swt has given to each of us. It works, restores information from what year you can even barely remember. And when you need certain ideas at most, it is like ‘ting’. And there you go.. you get what you need.

The picture is taken from this.


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