Protecting my own eyes before it’s too late


I have been thinking of getting my eyes examined by an eye doctor in the past few weeks. The story of my friend becoming a blind person because of diabetic has slapped me in the face. Not only I become more aware of my dietary pattern, I also take time to review what I have done with my eyes.

Truth to be told, I don’t treat my eyes well. My daily job as an editor forces me spending almost seven hours looking at screen. My reading habit makes this task becoming a pleasure (though sometimes boring) instead of as a curse.

Then, I still read via smartphone. Sometimes, I read physical books. Reading has been part of my life I can’t live without. I use my eyes a lot. I know I can’t live without reading and writing but definitely my eyes are much more important than reading and writing.

So I have considered reducing the amount of time reading just for the sake of giving my eyes more time to rest. I have restarted consuming carrots. I have put cucumbers again several times per week to fresh my eyes in the morning.

And the best way of all is loosening my mind each time stress starts striking. Trying to think positively or if this is unsuccessful, I do my best to just enjoy whatever shit coming through my brain and my heart.

From this day on, I promise myself I will protect my body, my eyes in particular, as well as I can. One of the concrete ways is having an appointment with an eye specialist next week. Wish me luck, guys! I  hope you guys healthy and happy or at least feeling okay!

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One thought on “Protecting my own eyes before it’s too late

  1. Get your eyes checked every few years. I have been a glasses wearer for some years, but I stopped going to my optician years ago because my prescription didn’t change. I had a brief blip 2 years ago seeing fuzzyness, but that seemed to clear. I seemed to be able to read license plates from 10 car lengths away so never thought anything of it. Went to an optician last year, and discovered something had caused the sight in my right eye to get so bad, my brain stopped using it. You would think you woulda noticed that, but how often do you stand still with one eye only open? Would have never found out if it wasnt for optician tip.

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