The website that helps me getting rid of self-help reading addictions

All hail to this website!

Thanks to Literary Hub, I gradually reducing the amount of time I spend reading self-help articles. I am so happy that I read more stories in the LitHub than those uploaded in some websites about self-help and self-development. Another factor that make me no longer interested in reading stories about self-help is that the pieces start becoming similar. I enjoy only stories written by specific authors mostly because of their fantastic story telling.

LitHub makes me entering the world where I belong to: literature. What makes it really astonishing is that the website successfully encourages me to read books by modern authors in the near future. This is unbelievable because I usually like classic or Victorian theme books only.

Thanks to the writing style of some editors in the LitHub, I start opening my heart reading stories by modern writers. I really have a good time reading the reviews, critics, and things like that. Witty, insightful, comical, thought-provoking.

Now, I no longer feel guilty spending a lot of time reading online because what I read is something that help me a lot in improving myself about things I love a lot: reading and writing.

I, too, love the website provides daily articles about literature around the world. It gives stories about classic authors as well so that I can still get information about readings from the past. It digs deep about famous authors; such as their disastrous romance. Not to forget is tips about writing and editing from best-selling authors.

This website contains almost everything that I want at the moment though I hope more stuff about Victorian books or canon literature on it. Up to now, though, reading it at least makes my day. Thank you for all Lit Hub staff!


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