Dear books..

Happiness lies on small, ordinary things. Once you are able to be grateful for small stuff, you are on the right track to find happiness at cheap price or no cost at all, so as minimalists say.

For a reader like me, finding insightful articles about books or literature brings joy as delicious cakes or ice cream for foodie addicts. Those are mood booster for going through the day.

I write this after I discover another thought-provoking web other than This one is more grounded, simple yet still wealthy. I know the address by chance as I stumble across my favorite web about minimalism;

I thought when I read the title of the article that is featured in, the website is all about book arrangement only. But it turns out the website is so rich. So bookish, so delightful that by the first visit, I already read a couple of articles.

I need reading such kind of websites more than ever now. Not only they prompt me to read more and more as I now have various sources to get my reading desire at the high level, but also I feel like I neglect reading, real reading.

I still read a lot but most of my readings are online articles. I read some books, too. This year, I begin reading books in my native language, Bahasa Indonesia. This is a breakthrough for me. If you ask for my honest answers, do I like what I read? I would say, ‘no’. I miss reading classic novels or give a shot reading modern books by American authors. I’m sorry. But I prefer reading in English Language to Bahasa Indonesia. I still do. I have tried to shift this tendency but not yet fully successful and I won’t force myself.

The latest novel that invites me to experience very daunting yet most memorable journey is ‘Wuthering Heights’ which happens in October or November last year. So you can’t tell how much I miss moments I let my heart deep into reading good, very good writings. It has been a long time, friends. Very long time..

The past two weeks I have needed reading fine books more than ever for a few of reasons but unfortunately I have no money to buy any of them. I hate myself I don’t even have any money to buy books. I have been running out of money to pay off debts throughout March for good reasons so I don’t actually regret I have financial problems at the moment.

I am in dire need of reading novels for one particular reason: to let myself know I have something I must be grateful and proud of. I don’t mean to say I am a snobbish or arrogant person but for once in a while I need to know I can do something that I am very happy to do that. For me, that is reading.

I don’t know when this exactly happens but lately I feel reading brings me confidence like no other interests can do. Whenever I am at the low bottom in my life, lack of self-confidence compared to other young and beautiful girls out there, I search for books. Then I tell myself that I am an extraordinary person. I have something that no other women like to do. While others chase after make up or bags or shoes, I’ll go for books most of the time.

Bookstores or libraries are the places that make me feel at home. It’s like I have friends whenever I am alone or like I previously read, whenever I feel so low, like there are no things I can be proud of.

Whether this is me either being egoistical, lofty or grateful I can barely decide. As complicated as this may sound, I am thankful to Alloh swt that at least I have a love affair with books that have lasted since I was a kid, the sort of romantic story that have held a special place in my heart no matter how many boys I have fallen in love with. The kind of relationship that requires me to set aside me-time with them no matter how busy or how hopelessly romantic I am with someone special. This is just the other time I need to nurture them and I get to meet their wishes in exchange for their loyalty to be with me through the ups and downs in this lovely life of mine.




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