Mission (im)possible: unplug from the virtual world

Last Saturday, my phone was out of internet quota. For more than five hours, I didn’t check  my Instagram accounts, WhatsApp and LINE free chatting applications (sleeping time excluded by the way). If it wasn’t because I was organizing an important event with my community last Sunday, I would love to prolong the hiatus, at least until Monday. But of course I didn’t do that. I would be ashamed of myself for being that much irresponsible.

Prior to that moment, I freaked out whenever the quote passed its limit. Because that meant I would be isolated from the world. That I didn’t know what was going on in the worlds of my friends, my close friends, the friends whom I met once, or those whom I haven’t met for ages. Not to mention news about celebrities whom I admire or Juventus or the football players who become my idols.

But the thoughts didn’t cross my mind last Saturday. I felt so tranquil although that was hard to do at first. The thing was I was running out of cash in my wallet. And I was too lazy to walk out to the ATM in the morning just to fill up the phone account. I did go out to the ATM but in the afternoon in coincidence with going to a bookstore.

What was happening during the span?

I was cleaning up my room a bit. I was washing dirty clothes. I was enjoying TV shows without turning my smartphone on. For a couple hours, the world felt so right. My heart was so relieved, organized, everything was putting in a good order. My mind was at the best rest in the last few weeks.

I was able to have fully focused on my life. I was learning again to have completely embraced the moments I was in. To get in touch with the things I was on. The world felt so peaceful.

Every day, I struggle with multitasking. Distractions are part of my daily activities. Social media accounts are just a few click away. They are so tempting. More alluring than foods. I really mean that.

It’s so easy to let a few hours slip away by scrolling, browsing unnecessary articles, looking at pictures in Instagram which all look perfect. It’s like an automated code that you look at the pictures of the friends of your friends whom you don’t actually know really well. Whether you realize it or not, this has been part of our modern lives and somehow consume our time, money and even more dangerous thing is our state of lives.

If you’re the type of person who can with shield all the temptations then congratulations for you are survivors in terms of being grateful with what you already have. But even so, you may get exposed of spending hours and money for trivial activities.

For those who find it hard to be like you, taking a few days off from internet will such a huge challenge. I prove this already.

It’s difficult to be away from the virtual world for just one day because I have tons of friends at the screen. We have a lot of projects on progress that require each of us to stand by our phone much of the time. Don’t forget about news consumption. Again, it is part of today world, either you like it or not.

It’s not a bad idea to start taking up the challenge anyway. I already do that for a few times. Though it lasts for a couple of hours I feel so much refreshed and free. Don’t take this challenge out of your busy schedule or because you are in the middle of meeting. But really do this out of your awareness that your mind and heart need breaks once in a while. They need to be emptied. And you need to learn the art of just be.


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