A month after uninstalling Instagram

Uninstalling Instagram is one of the best things that happen in my life this year that doesn’t honestly make me happy all the time. A few times I miss moments being active in the social media platform where which I can post nice pictures and see those from my friends. Also, I miss sharing stories via Insta Story and finding out what my friends eat and where they hang out during weekends. It feels cool to be part of mainstream trend where everyone tells the world what they do, how they feel and what they wish them to be someday. Instagram is a good platform where which I can feel a little bit relaxed and see funny pictures, meme or videos going viral.
I quit playing Instagram almost 100% because of very personal reason that brings me to technical errors then makes me uninstalling it in my smartphone. Well, I plan quitting being active in Instagram long before I intend to stop stalking somebody’s account. So it is just a matter of time that I eventually do what I am supposed to do.
In between the time of realizing I have to stop stalking this person’s account and the moment I finally uninstall it, my fingers become more and more frequent checking my Instagram account. This gets more and more uncontrollable. I find it hard to concentrate during working hours. It seems that I need to check out Instagram. I get easily distracted.
Worse, I go to see some Instagram accounts owned by local celebrities or selebgrams. I watch their stories via Insta stories. Sometimes I read people’ comments in the pictures. Since most of them run business, I go to their Instagram business accounts. I click each of the pictures in the accounts. I am not interested in buying their products but still I spend minutes, hours on them. That is so silly!
Among other social media platforms, I think Instagram is more appealing. Not only from picture editing features but also from Insta Story that becomes more and more interesting. They put various stickers, features that invite users to spend more time and money in it. I get addicted so much. My internet bill soars. When my pictures, which I think are praiseworthy, don’t get as many ‘loves’ and ‘comments’ as I expect, I sometimes feel disappointed. I actually anticipate this kind of response but I am still a human being who deserves appreciation and recognition, so to speak. Unfortunately, I look for them in the wrong place.
Prior to the uninstalling moment, I already read some articles on the danger of uncontrolled social media use, biased perception about people via virtual world, and how social media is different than previous technology inventions. Realizing this isn’t enough to make me quitting it.
So a technical error to log into my Instagram account on a Sunday afternoon a month ago leads me to what I feel today. And I tell you my friends, the past four weeks have been such a gift.
Not only I can save a lot of money because I wisely use internet quota for something more important, but also I feel more at peace. I still check my phone during the job but not as frequent as when I still use Instagram. Once I look at the phone it lasts much shorter. Just for a few minutes then I get back at work.
I can, too, learn refocusing my mind. I try clearing my brain from something unnecessary, such as cute holiday pictures from the selebgrams’ babies. Slowly, I feel present in my real life. All those virtual garbage starts disappearing. My life becomes crystal clear. I begin adjusting the focus of my life. I use time more wisely now.
My interaction with my friends remains strong and solid. Sometimes I miss their updates but then I can use them as the topic of our conversation when we meet in real life. Though I sometimes feel lonely because I used to just go to Instagram for discovering my friends’ activities, I slowly get used to this condition. I go to Youtube instead then watch videos about Islam from my favorite ulemas. Alhamdulillah..(Praise to God)..
I still open Instagram but via websites and limited to community and travel accounts. I check out some of my best friends’ accounts, too, but not their stories in Insta Story. So far, this has brought so many good things more than I can imagine and I enjoy doing this very much..



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