‘The Moonstone’ Madness: Homecoming as way to solve problems

I love the ways the story begins and ends in the same place. The Moonstone is firstly seen in a shrine surrounded by Hindoos and as the novel ends, it comes back to where it belongs.
Interestingly, Mr. Franklin Blake returns to his aunt’s residence to investigate on the missing gem on his own given his intention to clear up all the mess between him and Rachel Verrinder. To the Yorkshire the indebted man goes back, almost one year after the incident occurs. One year being in the East doesn’t help him taking the mystery out of his head.
With the help of Ezra Jennings, he is able to restore his good name, especially in front of Rachel. He is capable of explaining what exactly happens after Rachel’s birthday dinner. I’m sorry to put a lot of spoilers here for writing this part is inevitable. It is true that Mr. Franklin Blake is the one who steals the diamond with the knowing of Rachel.

That explains her attitude to the man whom she really loves is 180 degrees in contrary to what she used to do to him.
But Mr. Franklin Blake does that unconsciously. He falls under the influence of laudanum, a mixture of opium and alcohol, put by Mr. Candy, a doctor who is upset with Mr. Franklin Blake’s harsh words toward his profession as a doctor. So the mess starts from Mr. Franklin Blake’s jokes to Mr. Candy that later turns to his laudanum consumption. Since he is overwhelmed with the Moonstone, Mr. Franklin Blake goes to the Rachel’s room then takes it in order to put it in a safe place.
Readers will find this out as the novel progresses toward its finale. One by one all riddles are put to the surface but first of all readers must dwell so long upon clues, opinions, ideas that come up throughout the book. Thanks to Wilkie Collins’ sophisticated writing technique, the story moves fast that barely leaves readers get bored.
In an attempt to reveal all riddles, such as the smear of the nightgown hidden by Rosanna Spearman, Mr. Franklin Blake has to come back to where the late hides the box carrying the gown. Also, Mr. Franklin Blake has to meet Rachel and Sergeant Cuff to gather their statements. Plus, the gentleman has to invite Mr. Candy who falls so ill because of the fever and fatigue he suffers after the birthday event.
It is quite surprising that Ezra Jennings, much like Rosanna Spearman, emerges when the book starts getting complicated. The figure that I think will play a minor role turns out to the savior for Mr. Franklin Blake and Rachel. This is because Ezra Jennings initiates to put laudanum into the body of Mr. Franklin Blake, orders things as the way they were one year ago, invites Mr. Bruff as a witness then starts the experiment.
From his crazy idea it turns out that Mr. Franklin Blake does what he exactly does when the gemstone goes missing. While the characters are busy solving the riddles, the Moonstone for about one year is on the bank in London under the hands of Mr. Septimus Luker. During that time three Hindoos hunt it down. They are finally able to get it back then they give it to the caretaker of the gemstone in the shrine of a sacred city called Kattiawar in India.
I am myself so drown with the idea of starting things from the very beginning to solve problems in Mr. Franklin Blake’s life and the people concerning the Moonstone. Taking this story into my personal opinions, the idea of tracing things from the very roots are very challenging yet so worthy of trying to do in one’s life. Doing this requires bravery as Mr. Franklin Blake does. Sometimes, doing this will be fruitful or will not be.
While getting back to where the problems come may face us with painful memories, failures and nostalgia, our hearts are purified along the processes. All scars, heartbreaks will somehow be cleaned up while we battle to find solutions or answers. Much like walking on two sides of completely different views; one is full of tears or mess, the other one starts providing us with crystal clear outcomes. This is one of the wars one so worthy of trying.
And Mr. Franklin Blake succeeds in doing that. Not only the mess concerning the Moonstone is over, he and Rachel eventually gets married. I love Collins’ idea of bringing things back to start something new and fresh, as what happens to Mr. Franklin Blake. We can associate his experiences with our lives in whatever problems or trauma we encounter.



The Moonstone Madness: Collins’ sophisticated way of storytelling

Something new happens as I turn every leaf of The Moonstone. For 430 pages+ my mind has to be in a full concentration reading the book because the mystery surrounding the missing jewel presents me with new twists, evidences, opinions and ideas from characters in the book I mustn’t miss unless I don’t savor the core joy of the masterpiece.
I find it so fascinating that the book runs fast given how it presents readers with riddles, surprises, theories and assumptions along the way concerning who takes the jewel and where the hell it is. Wilkie Collins is indeed a rare Victorian novelist who does what he accomplishes in The Moonstone.
Though the story is all about the missing diamond, you mustn’t guess the plot is simple. In fact, it tells readers more complicated ideas representing Collins’ perspectives. What I once think as mere personal obsession concerning the diamond and history cum superstitions about the precious gem is a first layer on the surface. Because beneath it there lay problems about family conflicts, debts, inheritance issues, stories on estranged people, love and money, reputation, health, drugs and personal disguises. So many themes, right?
And Collins wraps them all so smoothly in the book so you can understand how the book runs so quick to speak them all to readers. I will divide my reviews and opinions and things that bother my mind after reading in several posts. The book is very interesting to be talked about and this is my first post that makes me wonder on how Collins weaves his story.
First and foremost, this is my first experience reading a book from several points of view. I think the story will be from Gabriel Betteredge only as the first person who knows from the start of the pricey gem from Colonel John Herncastle until it eventually be found.

The truth is, Gabriel voices about one third of the overall tale. He tells the readers the past story of the Moonstone until it arrives at the hand of Mr. Franklin Blake, how it goes missing on the night after the 18th birthday of Miss Rachel Verrinder then some attempts to find it by the brilliant Sergeant Cuff.
Just when I think I believe it is Rachel Verrinder is the one who steals it as believed by the Sergeant, the novel completely shatters my opinion. At that time, the novel is only 100 pages long so that means so many things left mysterious as it goes on. This what makes this book starts ‘deceiving’ my mind and triggers my curiosity even more.
As the book enters the one third part, there comes narrative from Miss Clark, one of the relatives of Miss Rachel. Again, Collins deceives me. What I once think Miss Clark as someone so modest, honest and highly spiritual but as her narration moves forward I find myself so irritated by her personality. I will later discuss about her in another post.
Then, another narration comes from Mr. Franklin Blake itself which really shocks me as the reader of the book as much as it rattles the gentleman’s logic. His narrative becomes the most important one throughout the tale as many proofs are eventually revealed to make things even stranger than they already are.
The following of the story are contributed by Ezra Jennings, the assistant of Mr. Candy, a doctor living nearby the residence of the Verrinder family. It is from the assistant that the riddles are slowly answered. From then, one big question on who takes the diamond is discovered. But there remains another big one, who the hell is it now?
To answer this, the narration comes back to Mr. Franklin Blake. Not only the readers will find the whereabouts of the Moonstone but also they will be shocked finding who the real antagonist in the story is.
As all are settled, the narration returns to Gabriel Betteredge who bids farewell to all who enjoy the story. The last part of the book is told by Mr. Murthwaite in a letter to Mr. Bruff, the Verrinder’s family lawyer, as what finally happens with the most-wanted jewel in the masterpiece.
So you can feel how complicated Collins’ way of telling by looking at a number of different people who narrate the story. Different story tellers mean readers are invited to look into their minds and feelings, which, of course, are various. This makes me really admire Collins’ writing technique. It isn’t easy to write from so many angles. His chosen method makes the story even more difficult to lose track of amid reading it.




Satu Fitur Ini Bakal Bikin DokterBaBe Makin Komplit Plus Tetap Asyik

Berselancar di situs DokterBaBe membuat saya kini percaya dunia kesehatan menjadi hal yang asyik untuk diakrabi dengan tetap merangkul banyak pengetahuan komprehensif yang saya butuhkan demi hidup sehat.

Di tengah berbagai hal positif yang saya salut dari situs ini saya ingin memberikan satu saran berupa fitur yang semoga bisa membuat DokterBabe tak hanya jadi rujukan informasi kesehatan lengkap sesuai gaya hidup masa kini tetapi juga teranyar dari segi informasi di sektor kesehatan nasional.
Situs ini sangat ramah terhadap pengunjungnya, dalam artian dari sisi teknologi situs ini cepat untuk diakses di ponsel genggam, terutama. Modal awal ini membuat siapa pun bersemangat untuk menjelajahi isi si DokterBaBe ini lebih lanjut. Desain situs ini terlihat sederhana dan elegan, yang mampu menjauhkan kesan menakutkan dunia kedokteran dan kesehatan sebagaimana masih dianggap demikian oleh sebagian orang. Paduan mayoritas warna putih dengan oranye dan biru lembut menjadikan tulisan nyaman di mata pembacanya.
Secara konsep, DokterBabe mengedepankan kesederhanaan, dimana cukup dua garis besar yang ia tampilkan bagi per kanal, yakni berita terbaru di tiap kanalnya dan beberapa sub topik populer di tiap kanalnya. Dengan demikian, pengunjung tak terjebak dalam gambaran dunia kesehatan dan kedokteran yang selama ini banyak dinilai terlalu rumit dengan banyak istilah asing di telinga. DokterBabe berhasil menjembatani keawaman masyarakat dengan kompleksitas dunia kesehatan selama ini melalui penyajian yang simpel.
Kini kita masuk ke dalam tiap kanal. Bisa dikatakan DokterBaBe ini menjawab kebutuhan banyak orang Indonesia akan informasi seputar badan mereka. Tim DokterBaBe membagi situs ini menjadi beberapa kanal, yakni ‘Penyakit’, ‘Obat’, ‘Kategori’, ‘Konsultasi’, ‘Cari Rumah Sakit’ dan ‘Tentang Kami’. Salah satu kanalnya, yakni ‘Kategori’ masih dijabarkan lagi menjadi beberapa sub topik; ‘Hidup Sehat’, ‘Kecantikan’, ‘Ibu dan Bayi’, ‘Keluarga’, ‘Kesehatan’, ‘Intim’ dan ‘Kesehatan Ibu’ .
Seperti yang saya singgung di atas, per kanal cukup memuat dua bagian penting, yaitu tulisan terbaru dan beberapa sub topik paling dicari. Dua hal ini memandu pembaca memahami isi keseluruhan situs secara menyenangkan berkat gaya kepenulisan tiap penulis yang lagi-lagi simpel, singkat dan tidak terlalu serius. Cara penyajian seperti ini lah yang jitu membuat pengunjung sebagai awal jumpa betah berlama-lama di situs ini. Juga, strategi ini dapat membuat pembaca menikmati konten yang pada beberapa bagian bisa dinilai kompleks, terutama jika membahas pada masalah penyakit dalam tubuh atau obat. Tulisan pun diverifikasi oleh dokter sehingga artikel memang terbukti kebenarannya.

images (1).jpeg
Rubrik ‘Konsultasi’ jadi poin plus tersendiri. Tak hanya kita bisa berkonsultasi secara langsung dengan gratis, kanal ini juga menyediakan sub topik berupa pertanyaan yang pernah dijawab oleh dokter, konsultasi terbaru hingga pertanyaan paling populer dari masyarakat sehingga kita bisa mengecek terlebih dahulu apakah hal yang akan kita tanyakan sudah pernah dibahas atau belum. Selain itu, mengetahui persoalan kesehatan umum kebanyakan orang memberikan pengetahuan tersendiri bagi kita yang mempunyai masalah yang sama atau tidak.
Dengan memanfaatkan kecanggihan teknologi berbagi lokasi, situs ini memberikan informasi rumah sakit, apotik hingga fasilitas kesehatan terdekat dengan tempat tinggal kita. Caranya pun sangat gampang. Cukup dengan mengizinkan DokterBaBe mengetahui lokasi rumah kita maka sang ikon DokterBaBe yang lucu tersebut akan bergoyang-goyang meminta kita menunggu nama rumah sakit, apotik atau fasilitas kesehatan yang kita butuhkan.
Keseluruhan konten DokterBaBe akan lebih komprehensif jika pihak redaksi situs ini menambahkan fitur berita terbaru sektor kesehatan di Indonesia. Sebagai contoh, beberapa waktu lalu sempat heboh kasus penyakit difteri yang ramai diperbincangkan di masyarakat. Kemudian hal ini merembet ke kondisi vaksinasi di tanah air dan berbagai hal yang membuat sebagian orang tak mau menggunakan vaksinasi. Dari masalah serius tersebut tim DokterBabe dapat menulis dari sisi pencegahan, seluk-beluk vaksin hingga cara sederhana agar bayi dan anak mempunyai kekebalan yang kuat.
Atau dapat pula mengangkat isu seputar Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial atau BPJS, dimana salah satu produknya, yakni BPJS Kesehatan kini mengalami defisit hingga Rp9 triliun. Hal ini karena BPJS Kesehatan menjadi jenis asuransi andalan banyak orang, bahkan yang tidak berpekerjaan tetap sekalipun.
Saya rasa menyajikan fitur semacam itu tak hanya akan membuat DokterBaBe komplit tetapi juga ‘up-to-date’ dalam hal pemberitaan sektor kesehatan dan kedokteran di Indonesia. Jadi selain banyaknya informasi yang sudah ada pengunjung juga memperoleh pemahaman isu terkini di dunia kesehatan.
Terima kasih DokterBabe yang hingga kini kehadiranmu membuat masyarakat sadar bahwa memang Hidup Sehat Itu Mudah. Lewat genggaman telapak tangan, info kesehatan sekarang mudah didapat, gratis dan terpercaya.
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